How to Handle a Control Freak Spouse?

 How to Handle a Control Freak Spouse?

How to Handle a Control Freak SpouseEveryone says that marriage is a two wheel vehicle.In order to keep your marriage you need to work together hand in hand. In the difficult task of life anyone can freak out. For this purpose we need someone special to hold us and make us claim. And when it is time of your freak spouse, you need to handle it carefully.

There are few things through which you can know your spouse is freaking out.

  • If your spouse is fighting with you on little things.
  • If he/she is ignoring you
  • If your spouse hiding something from you
  • If your spouse tell to that nothing wrong, but in fact he/she is stressful.
  • If he/she is worried about what will other think about his/her
  • If he/she is abusing you emotionally.

These are causes through which you can know your spouse is freaking out. There are also lots of ways “how to handle a control freak spouse.”

  • First and major problem with freak spouse is that they think that anyone can do a better job than him/her. It is usually cause due to personality disorder. They might have seen lots of problem and broken family through which they came to know that they are not a cup of tea. To handle a control freak spouse to need to tell that he / she are special they can do excellent work than other. Deal with them as they like. This way you can control freak spouse.
  • You need to behave continuously calm and relax with your freak spouse in order to know the problem. Don’t leave your freak spouse on his/ her own. This is not a way to end relationship. As you both promise to be together in happiness and troubles, so here time to prove it. And control freak spouse.
  • Try to know your freak spouse mood. Freak spouse usually are not able to perform a task. They will opposite that of what they are said because they are lack of skills due to stress. So for this purpose you need to reduce their level of stress and control freak spouse.
  • To control freak spouse do not introduce new ideas or planes. Try to work on your daily routine. Because if you suggest new thing and that incidentally go wrong then, they will create a new drama. So to control freak spouse stay in peace as long your freak spouse don’t get well.
  • If you love your spouse and want that he/she recovers soon. So try to forgive and built your self-esteem. As freak spouse try to tell you that they are insecure and lonely. So tell your freak spouse that you are with him/her. And if your freak spouse abuse you, forgive and control freak spouse.
  • Set a time limit with your freak spouse so that he/she may also own your importance. This way your freak spouse might get time alone and thing peacefully on what she/he doing. This is another way to control freak spouse.

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