Healthy Relationships bring happiness to life

 Healthy Relationships bring happiness to life

Man we all know is called a social animal he needs people around him not just to survive but also to be happy, satisfied and emotionally strengthened and to fulfil a human being’s thirst for love, relationships play a pivotal role.

Sometimes we are born into certain relations like parents, siblings and extended family are known as family relationships. Then there are others that we choose for ourselves like friends, companions and lovers. However, of all the surrounding relations that one has the one strong bond that completes a human being and leads to eternal satisfaction is the knot that ties two strangers together forever.

Yes, marriage is undoubtedly the milestone in life that can determine both happiness and success in all aspects. The relationship that a husband and wife share with each other is essential for their well being as a couple, as parents, and as advocates of this very integral unit of the society on the whole.

So what are the basic ingredients of making the marriage a success, well to begin with any relationship whether it’s between a husband and wife, brother and sister, parents and children or for that matter between soul partners, the most important thing to remember is that dealing with human minds and feelings is one of the most difficult things in the world for which there are no set rules or formulas.

Keeping this in mind can help us overcome many obstacles in our personal lives. We are all born with expectations and when it comes to marriage our spouse becomes a source of fulfilment but what we tend to forget is that he or she is also going through the same phase in life. Expectations are never one-sided, in marriage, it is a known fact that two people come together and both are carrying their own baggage of expectations from the decision they have taken. The aspirations and desires of both the husband and wife are justified but love and only love cannot help them to achieve their desired goal.

Life with all its splendors has its ups and downs and things don’t remain as smooth as they look, this is where the real test lies for the couple. Marriage I believe is not the completion of love but the beginning of love in the true sense. Having a positive outlook is the first step towards finding happiness in a healthy relationship because Love is not just about getting something it’s all about giving and giving in.

Leaving their egos behind the couple has to embark on this journey with patience, sacrifice, tolerance, compromise, wisdom and affection. Conflicts will arise but they can be overcome by optimism. Think of your happiness not just as an individual but as a couple, be delighted in the little things that you do for each other. Be prepared to adjust yourself according to the likes and dislikes of your spouse and remember that by surrendering to the one you love the most you don’t lose anything in fact this little step can lead to the success of your marriage.

Communication is also a very important thing in any relationship, keep the lines open and listen to each other patiently and always talk it out because without communication sometimes people drift apart. Blaming and accusations don’t resolve any problems; put yourself in another’s shoes before evaluating them and passing a verdict.

Finally believe in one thing that no matter what the situation, how bitter the experience there is no one better than your spouse. This satisfaction alone will help you think positive and prevent you from looking for happiness elsewhere.

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