Big Proposal Doesn’t Have to Be Big

 Big Proposal Doesn’t Have to Be Big

Unless you haven’t a girly bone in your body, you’ve probably devoured and re-watched the Sex & the City movie countless times. The fashion, the friendship, the love stories, the romance and of course, the sex – it’s perfect for a girl’s night in with your favorites. But if you watch closely and read in between the lines much like Carrie Bradshaw does you’ll find there is so much more we can learn about engagements from this blockbuster:

The Engagement Should Be About Your Relationship

Seems simple enough, right? But the first proposal was so contractual and unromantic, not at all how Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship was throughout the entire series. Remember when Big left for California and they had a night on with the city that was perfect (until Miranda went into labor)? The whole engagement started off on the wrong foot and without a solid grounding. Their second proposal was much more like their relationship, and so was the way they got married romantic, yet based on friendship.

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Communication is Key

Though Carrie and Big went through several breakups during the course of the series, what always brought them back together was open, honest communication. As much as they were attracted to each other (hello, hot hotel sex!), they also were friends for ten years before getting hitched. While planning your wedding, don’t forget to always talk to your spouse-to-be. As the wedding grew bigger and bigger, Mr. Big felt like he was losing touch with his partner. While that’s not an excuse for Mr. Big bailing on the wedding day, your man should always feel included on a day that’s just as special for him as it is for you.

You’re a Woman First, Then a Bride

Before Carrie knew it her little white suit turned into a big designer gown and she found herself lost in the business of being a bride and forgetting about being herself. While she loved the glam, she also loved Mr. Big. When you’re planning your wedding, remember that you’re only a bride for one day, and a wife for the rest of your life.

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