Bedroom moves men love!

 Bedroom moves men love!

Spicing things up in your bedroom is very important; most of the marriages last long if you keep the sex spiced up. It is true that men are more sexually aroused than women are but the kind of bedroom moves men love includes their women to take control over sex. Women think that its men who are supposed to turn them on but it is not what men want. Men want you to take charge over and do things for them and spice up your sex life. You will be amazed how well it works for those couples in which women take over control. There are some sexy bedroom moves that will drive your man crazy and guess what? This is exactly what a man wants; he wants you to drive him up the wall.

Woman on top

Men love to see women on top because it shows that women are taking control. Get on top of him, he will be able to see your curves fully and could move his hands all over you. Keep the eye contact with him while you are making your moves. Make him feel that you are in control and give him a show. Men love it when women are into it.

Be naughty

Give away the ‘good girl’ image in your bedroom and be naughty. It will drive him insane and being naughty will also show how much you are in to him and that is exactly what he wants. Try to be as naughty and dirty as you can, men love to see you dirty. Try and initiate a position on your own and he will find out instantly how much you like sex. Men want women to enjoy sex as much as they do, that’s the secret of good sex.

Standing up move

You might not want this but it is an excellent move for a quickie. Men love this move, the next thing you know they might be bending you over on the kitchen counter or just pushing you against the wall.

Lap Dance

If you’re not going to be a lap dancer for your man than whom? Pull a chair and make him sit showing that you are taking control. With this move, you can not only show him you are taking charge but you can also keep an eye contact and kiss. He will be able to get aggressive by pulling your hair or rubbing your back and pulling you closer to him.

Sexy moves require communication between the two of you. It is healthy to talk about your sex life and tell each other what moves you like and how to try on new positions. Keep communicating and trying new bedroom moves and it will definitely spice up your sex life and desire for each other.

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