8 Signs She Enjoys Having Sex With You

 8 Signs She Enjoys Having Sex With You

Whether you have been together for years or you just started dating, it is important for you to know if you are both satisfied with your sex lives. You do not want to be so focused on your own pleasure and disregard hers. So, are you really that good in bed or is she hoping you get done quickly so she can go to sleep?

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8 Signs She Enjoys Having Sex With You

Let’s find out by taking a look at the top 8 signs that proves she is having fun below.

1. She’s Wet: This is a no-brainer when it comes to sexual pleasure. Just like a man gets obviously aroused when he is ready, a woman’s main arousal sign is that she is wet down there. If she does not seem “ready” prolong the foreplay as much as you can and make sure you are hitting the right spots. She will thank you for it.

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2. Quickening Breath: Another sign of arousal is that her breath gets quicker and more urgent, the more excited she gets. Watch for intense gaze and steadily quickening breath, then you know you’ve got her.

3. She Tightens Around You: If she seems to be getting tighter around you as you go on, this is a sign that she is enjoying what you are doing. A woman having fun gets tighter and wetter as she feels more pleasured.

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4. Holds You (or something else) Tighter: Does her grip on you seem to be getting tighter? Does she seem to be grabbing the sheets or the headboard like her life depends on it? A woman in the throes of extreme passion would have an intense urge to hold on tight.

5. Toes Curl: If you are keeping a closer eye on your partner’s reactions, you would notice that her toes curl in the moment of pleasure.

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6. She Communicates: A partner who tells you what she likes during sex (verbally or via body language) is definitely having a good time and wants more. She would not waste her time telling you what she wants if you were not doing a pretty good job in the first place.

7. She Climaxes: The signs above could also tell you that she is close to orgasm and if you feel her reach that final release, then that is your main proof. It is almost impossible for a woman to climax without having reached the ultimate peak of pleasure and desire.

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8. Initiates Sex: One way a woman gets turned on for sex is when she remembers how great it was the last time. It is this memory that would lead her to approach you and request for more good times. If she is always calling you for more, or reaching for you even when you are both watching TV, then she obviously cannot get enough.

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