7 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Really Loves You

 7 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Really Loves You

7 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Really Loves You

Not talking about the one night stand or the casual hook-up thing. Men have the tendency to express their love through these small gestures while making love. Men who can fake love are easier to find like the pebbles on the pavement. But it is the real lover who’s going to do these things while making love.

7 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Really Loves You
7 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Really Loves You

1. He Will Look into Your Eyes Directly

Eye contact is a major thing that let out many secrets in one go. You can look directly into the eyes of a person only if you have feelings for him. When he looks into your eyes, he is communicating his feelings to you without letting out a word.

2. He Will Kiss You All Over

He will not jump straight to the act. In fact, he will spend more time exploring your body and finding that one tiny birthmark. You can feel his passion and his love with his shower of kisses.

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3. He Will Take Care of Your Needs

He won’t land up doing the main thing without even asking your preferences. He will ask you what you need and how you need. Even after he’s done, he will not let you lose. He will cuddle you, play your hair or do anything that brings you closer to him.

4. He Will Create a Romantic Air Before Getting Started

The boys who are not much into you will get to the act straight without wasting a single moment. But the one who really wants you in his life will make the best out of each passing moment. He will start slow and will take care of your feelings.

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5. He Will Get Emotional While Making Love

This will happen during the initial few rounds of love-making. He will let out more ‘I Love You’ than ever. He will tell you how lucky he is to have you in his life.

6. He Will Never Make His Work Life an Excuse to Stay Away from Sex

No matter how burdening his work life is, after having a busy day, he will be needing your comforting arms to relax. If he’s not into you in a romantic way, he will find excuses to stay away from you.

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7. He Will Not Only Receive the Pleasure, But Give Too

Men don’t like to go down on their girl much often. Especially during hook-ups or one night stand. If your man loves you, he will himself want to love every inch of you. No matter how imperfect it is.

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