7 Things to Avoid If You Want Your Marriage to Work

 7 Things to Avoid If You Want Your Marriage to Work

Not everything can be left dependent on serendipity. Some relationships require work and efforts. And trust me, they are worthwhile. Not every marriage can be like fairy-tale ones, like they show on TV.

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Changing your last name isn’t the only thing that requires to be changed in this alliance called marriage. There are few realist and universal truth that every couple needs to acknowledge.

7 Things to Avoid If You Want Your Marriage to Work

1. Creating a fuss when he isn’t able to do the household chores.

If he isn’t trying at all, that is a different case. But if he’s trying but is not able to do the chores as efficiently as you do, then there’s no point creating a fuss about it. You should be glad that he’s trying at least. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let some things go.

2. Fighting over each other’s family member

There can be chances that your husband doesn’t like the member of your family whom you’re fond of. He don’t like to hang out with a particular member of your family. Don’t pressurize him to get along with that person. He can maintain a cordial relationship with the member. It’s okay.

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3. Digging Up the Past

The ghost of your past relationships should be left outside your marital home. When you both decided to tie the knot, you accepted each other’s past as well. There’s no point of digging old graves after marriage. Move on over those ugly times and start your life afresh.

4. Constantly Fearing What May Happen

You have to trust the person you’re getting married to. If you’ve been cheated on by your ex, there might be a fear in the back of your mind that your partner as well will cheat on you. Talk your fears out to your partner. You both can work as a team to overcome your anxieties.

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5. Being Selfish

This is a big no-no. Focussing on yourself all the time isn’t bad, but only till you’re single. Now that you’re married, you have to think about your significant other as well. You have a complete family to think about. Don’t keep them above you, but consider them along you. When you’re married, you need to be more compassionate and caring than you’ve ever been.

6. Expecting Him to Like His Earlier Version

This is an ultimate truth of a relationship; things will change after marriage. Couples are extra-affectionate and flirtacious in the beginning of the relationship. But as the time passes, things naturally change. If at some point you feel that you’re missing that honeymoon phase of your marriage, then speak out to him.

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7. Clinging to the Idea of a Perfect Marriage

You might have seen many romantic movies and now you’ve clinged to an idea of a perfect marriage. But those movies are far beyond the reality. Change isn’t bad, if you’re growing together. Don’t think that the things will be stagnant between you two.


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