6 Stages of Sex in Your Married Life

 6 Stages of Sex in Your Married Life

Apparently marriage revolves around sex during the first few years. What happens after that is just evolution of your sex life in an exponentially decreasing graph. After few years of marriage, dirty talks with your husband will only mean laundry, dishes and cleaning everything that’s dirty.

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That’s it. But this is not something mandatory to happen. Though in most of the marriages, couple end up having lesser sex after the honeymoon period of their marriage. So here is the full anthology of evolution of sex in a married life.

6 Stages of Sex in Your Married Life

Can’t-get-my-hands-off-you sex

That time when you find excuses to grab their behind on their way to the restroom or steal a quick kiss at the dinner table before your in-laws enter the room.

Honeymoon sex

Enter the kinky stage. The house is yours to make dirty, and if not, then you will find yourself holidaying more often—the Kama Sutra book in hand.

Settling-in sex

Your to-do list in the evenings reads something like: cook dinner – read book/watch TV – have sex. Sex has become part of your day or week’s timetable and you know just when you two will do it that night.

Let’s make a baby 

During this period, you will end up having more sex than what was on your timetable and in newer, baby-friendly positions. Also, once you are preggers, the action only gets hotter and your husband will be convinced that you are your sexiest with a baby bump.

The dreadful drought

This doesn’t hit everyone, but during this phase, sex could go completely off the table and you two would be almost okay with it. 

Breaking-the-drought sex

When you want to end the dry spell so you send the kids off to their grandparents’, and welcome him home with a smile on your face, wearing nothing but a trench coat.

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