10 Things That Happen After You Get Engaged

 10 Things That Happen After You Get Engaged

Have you been dreaming about your engagement forever? And when it finally happens and you do have that ring on your finger as a reminder, you’ll have to pinch yourself to get back to reality. But one thing is for sure, nothing will remain the same.

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That ring is going to bring with it a lot of changes and here are the 17 things that no one told you will happen.

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1. You’re a bundle of nerves and every time someone refers to you as the to-be-bride it suddenly hits you.

2. But then you realise how bad you wanted this and that’s when you want the world to know because hell yes! It’s finally happening.

3. The congratulations keep pouring in not only from close friends and family but also people who haven’t spoken to in years.

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4. You will probably have to tell and retell the story a few million times. And you’ll practically give anything to just get it over with.


5. It will finally hit you that you are going to be a bahu. The responsibilities, mannerisms etc. Basically the bahu role has begun.

6. You just can’t stop staring at that ring on your finger. Yes, it takes a while for it to sink in.

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7. Since you’re the bride-to-be you can’t get over wedding décor and bridal lehenga designs in a bid to prep for your D-day.

Happen After You Get Engaged

8. But it’s all going to cost a fortune and that’s causing you quite a worry.

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9. You are still not used to all the changes but will happily start calling him your fiancé.

10. Random guys have stopped hitting on you, courtesy the ring.

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