Making 9 Months Special for your Pregnant Wife

 Making 9 Months Special for your Pregnant Wife

making-9-months-special-for-your-pregnant-wifeParenthood is one of the biggest blessings of God to mankind. The moment you hear about the good news (pregnant wife), the meaning of life entirely changes for you.

Having a baby is a mutual responsibility of both, the wife and the husband. In fact, it lies more on husband’s part that how he takes good care and show his concern to his pregnant wife throughout the nine months and with his pregnant wife throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Understanding the situation
For a husband, it is very important to understand the entire situation through which his pregnant wife is going through. Although, pregnancy is one of the best feelings for a woman yet, the body shows lots of changes which lead to different mood disorders too. For a husband, understanding the mood disorder and making himself flexible and adaptable towards them throughout pregnancy is very important. Remember that your pregnant wife needs the same kind of love and affection which a two year old toddler demands.

Take Interest
In order to make your pregnant wife feel more special, take interest in whatever she tells you. Read pregnancy books with her. Look through online articles and pregnancy tips with her so that she does not feel alone and scared during pregnancy. Your each and every action will ultimately have positive or negative effects on your baby; therefore, you need to take good care of your pregnant wife in order to have a healthy, happy baby.

Making fun is a sin
It has been seen that many husbands make fun of their wives during pregnancy as they start gaining weight, having pimples and other similar stuff. Get it drilled in your mind that it is a sin to criticize your pregnant wife in any way and through any angle. Just put yourself in her shoes and imagine what would have happened if you were pregnant instead of her. Instead, you should perceive her as a cute and adorable wife who is going to bring you the best every gift by going through the nine crucial months of pregnancy.

Pay special attention
During pregnancy, it is extremely vital for the expecting mother to eat right kind of food and have a sound sleep. You need to keep a good check o all this and make sure that she has a good routine in which she takes good diet and sleeps soundly. Sleep deprivation and unhealthy diet is going to make the delivery complicated for your pregnant wife and it can lead to different problems for your baby’s health.

Pamper her
There is nothing which can make your pregnant wife feel amazing then pampering her. Give her a hair massage, rub her feet before bed, cook for her and your baby and do all those things which can make your pregnant wife feel special. Most importantly, take time out from your busy work routine to go with your pregnant wife for visiting doctor. Follow-up with every detail of pregnancy and show keen interest in whatever the doctor says and act accordingly.

The nine months of pregnancy are very beautiful for the expecting parents. They are going to be a part of your golden memories and they will last with you forever by holding you and your pregnant wife in a strong bond of love. Thus, make most of it and show your pregnant wife how blessed you are to have her with you.

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