Make your Marriage a Fun Drive

 Make your Marriage a Fun Drive

make_your_marriage_fun_driveLazy, unromantic, rough and dull marriage – you think its marriage. The word in it self sounds “merry age”. Wow! You got it. Yeah! More your marriage grows old more you need to make fun. So, what a good idea when you make your marriage a fun drive.

Couples enjoy the time immediate after their marriage, go for honeymoon, spend nights together, eat together and shop together. But what makes them apart with time is the negligence of their relationship. Both of them put their heads into routine stuff and take others for granted many a times.

Life is bored and marriage is torn! So sad…

You lost into past dating or find secrets of happily married life. Though the secret is around you, you just need to grasp it. Forget your pet peeves and hold on a fun drive.

  • Plan days and nights out

No matter how older your marriage is. Take your spouse to a honeymoon destination once again to cheer your memories. You are far off routine so live like a special couple, a newly married couple. Heat up your nights having romantic arrangements with roses and champaign.

  • Plan surprise for your lady

Surprise is not merely name of wishing birth days and Christmas. Surprise your lady on ordinary events when you want her feeling special and brings merry to your marriage.

  • Be close

Distances apart is one of major bad factors of happy married life. Hug and kiss your partner on pace where ever she stands and walks. Either it is kitchen or drawing room she just wants your love and affection and being close is easiest way to win heart.

  • Compliment your wife

Man usually criticise the stuff his wife does. Praise your wife-what she cooks or wears, compliments would drive her mad in love for you.

  • Watch movies

Couples do so but it would be better to focus on romantic fantasy tales that could bring positive uplift in your marriage.

  • Shop together

Wife likes to empty your pocket and loves to shop. So, take her to her favourite mall and let her buy what she choose.its little expensive but one of the efficient tips to live a happy married life.

There are many more but do these first then look for others. These are the basic ways to save your relationship and work as wonder drug to make your marriage a fun drive.

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