Make Your Dating a Pleasurable Moment

 Make Your Dating a Pleasurable Moment

make-your-dating-a-pleasurable-momentMany relationships come into our lives. Some of them are wonderful and long lasting; others, unfortunately, may be short term or unhappy.

Once a relationship has passed a long term period, it is easy to get tedious between each other. In this matter, the best thing you have to do is be honest with each others. Flashback the time’s when you and your partner were in the beginning and make a commitment to start over.

Start forgiving each other’s and forgetting the past. It will take some time but you have to work on this. Tolerant among each other’s is very important to keep a long lasting relationship with your partner/girl friend. Your romance with your partner/girl friend can be recharged. No matter how long the relationship is.

Gifts are the ideal way of expressing your love and gratitude towards her. Get a gift to impress your partner/girl friend. Give flowers and chocolates, jewelry etc to her. A common thing with a lot of people these days is the giving of dating gifts and present when they meet up with their partner/ girl friend. This random act of kindness can give a lot of pleasure to your partner/ girl friend when it is done form the heart and not done with a feeling of it being expected. Giving a gift is also a great way to break the ice and to get your partner in a good mood no matter how long you have been together.

Here are some good ideas you can use when you are going on a date, or even if you just plan on staying in people enjoying each other’s company.

  • This can be very nervous experience for the both of you but may be these tips will put you at ease. First look good, this is for your confidence and for your partner to see that you actually care about. What she thinks of you.
  • The second step is to have good manners and conversation during the date. Treat your partner with respect.
  • The last step is to correspond with your date afterward.
  • Your appearance is the most important part of the date. Make sure you are confident in what you look like. Take a shower, fix your hair, put on deodorant, brush your teeth, carry gum, and wear a nice dress and shoes.
  • Make sure you listen to your partner when she speaks and look into her eyes. Keep the conservation can be starters about family, hobbies, music etc. Just make sure your partner has a good time, the date is not about you, and it is about your partner.
  • It doesn’t matter what medium you choose, texting, email or phone call, but just make sure you tell your partner that you had a good time. Also make sure you mention that you would love to go on another date with her.
  • Always choose a public place so that both of you are comfortable enough. Go to nice restaurant or go to the mall together for some shopping. Visit a fast food place or a coffee/ice cream shop. Just choose any casual, non-formal place with lots of people around and have fun.

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