10 Lies Most Men Tell

 10 Lies Most Men Tell

10 Lies Most Men Tell

10 Lies Most Men Tell
10 Lies Most Men Tell

If you say that women lie to men then this statement is wrong. Men tell lie and every women know that but still believe on them. Most men tell lie because they want to do friendship with them. Men tell lie to women because of her, because women ask such question that men have to speak lie. Women want to be in future relationship not like men one day fun. For this purpose men tell lie to women, to want her feel like meaningful. Men tell lies only for 2 reasons: firstly men want to impress women from his personality, money, fame, interest. And second thing a man wants to spend time alone without her.

To get ride off men lies and ticks you need to know all their lies that they told to women. Here we have listen down 10 lies most men tell:

Do I look bad? No, Dear you look lovely:

This is a complicated question, man don’t want you to feel odd and strange. So man have to tell lie that you are looking lovely and cute.

We will talk about this later:

When men known that he lie to you and taught. So he will say to you that we will talk about this later because he has no answer to give to you. Due to lie he doesn’t want to talk about it again.

You are the only woman in my life:

This is most common lie said by every man. If you are an intelligent women and know that men from long time then you can easily know that this is a lie that man told.

I am busy right now! Call you later:

This is an excuse by a man who is not interest to talk to you. So he lies and makes lame excuse. It is in the nature of everyone person; he won’t do that work ever which he is not willing to do. So he lies and won’t call you.

I was not looking at her:

Whenever your guy looks at other women, he will never accept that he will always deny that and lie that I was not looking at her.

I was stuck in a meeting:

Whenever your guy or husband late from office they will lie and say I was busy in emergence meeting called by my boss. You can call my office and conform that.

I didn’t forget, I just want to give to surprise: 

When men forget the special event and you ask him, he will simple lie that I didn’t forget in fact I was going to surprise you but you ruin that.

I am on my way:

It is in the nature of men that they are always late for family events, but whereas they are always on time for matches. When you call them they will say honey! I’m on my way, in fact they didn’t get ready yet.

I was not drunk: 

When your husband or guy came back late by cab, and you ask the reason they will lie and say my car got puncture. He will not admit that he was drunk.

I really love you:

When men say these lines “I really love you, there is no one else in my life except you” don’t believe him, because he is lying.

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