In the Sky of Relationships, Romance is the Moon

 In the Sky of Relationships, Romance is the Moon

in-the-sky-of-relationships-romance-is-the-moonIt’s always important for a guy to let women know that he definitely harbors a romantic side. If you are the kind of guy who feels shy in showing his romantic side, who feels embarrassed for guys who bring their date a single red rose. Don’t worry for you can still show them you are romantic but in a different way for some stereotypical romantic gestures seem ‘cheesy’ and straight out of B-date movies.

Women dreams of a romantic relationship, they may seem tough and hardworking as CEO’s of companies and doctors and lawyers, but they still have a hidden dream of prince charming riding up on the horse and showering her with love and affection prevailing in the soft corners of her heart. She does yearn for a fairytale romance in her moments of solitude.

You can still be romantic in a subtle way that will provide that spark she is looking for in a relationship. Read on to know five romantic gestures that aren’t so ‘cheesy’ but are surely going to play their magic in the relationship.

The best romantic gestures are the one that demonstrate that man isn’t afraid of being a true gentleman. These are the times when women is considered equal to men but deep in her heart she still wants to be treated like a lady, protected and cherished. She is surely going to be carried away, if a guy shows his caring yet manly side to her.

Pay attention to her likes and dislikes, even making her a  glass of her favorite drink after a long tiring day can make her feel like a princess. Know what are her likes and surprise her off and on with her addictions.

Women love the fact that they are being missed, so if you are missing your girl, call her up in the day time to know what she is doing, this will hit right on her heart. She will feel secure and love that you are thinking about her.

If you want to score big then don’t forget to buy a treat or toy for her pet if she has, the next time you visit her, women are so crazy about pets and consider them as their babies. So be nice to her pet and she will feel that caring gentleman in your heart.

Well this is a fact that women talk too much but if you want to build a place in her heart, it would be your biggest friend. Listen to her talks, really try to listen and show that what she has to say does matter a lot. Be a silent listener and she will surely listen to your heart.

Romance is the most vital part of relationship, if relationship is the sky, romance is its moon that sparks it up with the light of happiness and intimacy.


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