Imperfections when become Pet Peeves

 Imperfections when become Pet Peeves

When two bodies meet, souls are transferred but what about the mind, that crazy, complex thing remains in that dark little box that we call skull in biological language. Yes 1 heart, 1 soul but two mind when live together does create little mishap and imperfections. But when we start neglecting our imperfections, they pollute our relationship, and end up becoming a pet peeve, an annoyance, an irritation that spoils the whole charm and beauty of relationship.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t love someone because she is imperfect. After all, love is all about loving an imperfect person perfectly, but love also inspires us to gain perfection to make other person happy. But when imperfections step out of the boundaries of patience, they break hearts and relationship, Read on to know some of the worst pet peeves that can squeeze all the spark out of relationship.


We all feel the need to complain every once in a while, after all we are human beings, but when complaining becomes the main theme of you verbal expression, it becomes nagging, which is the most annoying and frustrated thing, eventually it will lead the other person out of the home or may be out of  relationship in pursuit of peace and satisfaction.


Many of us just unconsciously, unintentively lie about small meaningless things but no one appreciates being lied to, especially when they are pointless and constant. It’s frustrated to deal with a lover who constantly lies about every little thing. It causes the atmosphere of distrust and stale familiarity. What’s worse is that constant lying on little things makes the other person wonder if there are bigger lies that they are not even aware of creating gaps in relationships.

Drama Queen

We are all capable of having bratty moments and taking center stage, but there are some people who always want to be the center of attention and make a huge production out of every little thing. But this can be extremely irritating and will make the other person loose interest in you thinking that you are too full of yourself. It makes you appear selfish and self-absorbed, making the relationship dull and flatlining.

Promise Breaking

Nothing is ever more irritating and hurtful then a person who makes promises and breaks them over and again. It shows lack of consideration and uncaring attitude towards your partner plus also shows that the person cannot be trusted or relied on. So it’s better not to make promises that you feel you won’t be able to keep.

Nobody is perfect, but it is love that makes us reach for perfection after all the imperfections. Try to retain from such acts and learn to compromise, trust, understand and appreciate for that is what love is all about.

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