Heat Things Up With a Blindfold Night

 Heat Things Up With a Blindfold Night

Creativity and innovation in relationships plays a huge role in sizzling them up with fun and steaming hot moments. Emotional, intellectual and sexual boredom seeps out all the spark and romance out of your relation. So it’s always good to ride on to new journey in the bedroom to keep your relationship healthy and happy. Are you bored of your predictable love making session then add a little earthquake with a blindfold night.

Blindfold can add amazingly huge sparks in romance for it minimizes the sense of your sight because of that the sense of hearing and feeling is heightened, creating tons of sensations even with a small caress of finger. It will leave your girl craving for more and more in an entirely new world of anticipation as she will be wondering what is going to come next.

You can start from the dinner, order some dinner of her choice; it can be her favorite pizza or anything that she loves to eat. The moment the delivery boy rings the bell *Tin Ton* take out a blindfold and tie it around her eyes. See the big smile on her face and lead her to dinner table where her favorite food is waiting. Let her guess the food by its aroma, she is surely going to scream with excitement the moment she will guess the food. Now its time for you to get blind, as you try to feed her and she tries to feed you, you will find that you must depend on your other senses to lead the way. The point of the blindfolds is to feel your way through to each other and concentrate on the smell and taste of whatever is tantalizing your palate.

After dinner, lead her to bedroom, as you both can’t see, you will be more touchy and feely to lead each other to bedroom. Once you are in bedroom, begin touching and feeling each other. Blindfold tends to make things extremely kinky for it will diminish inhibitions, Rub each other hands, toes, thighs and lips or whatever other parts arouse you and her.

Undress each other slowly and begin inhaling, tasting, licking and rubbing each other. Finding your way to her most sensitive part is so exciting when you’re forced to use your other senses to get there. Blindfold will also leave you with an irresistible craving to see each other making things more spicy and sizzling for both. Blinded by the sight, she will feel every move you make; she will feel every current that your finger will pass on to her, her excitement will be so intense that she will be more then willing to reply every favor you furnish her with.

Blindfold will make her go crazy for she will be anticipating and craving for more. Heighten her anticipation by surprising her. Begin by licking up her thigh, then stop and surprise her again by biting on her shoulder. Continuously move from one end of her body to a completely different one till the moment  she is unable to control her desire and grab you with the wildest frenzy aching for more and more.

Feel the incredible power of blinding and experience a whole new world of romance and passion that this simple piece of cloth will take you in.

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