Happily Married After

 Happily Married After

Husband and wife both work together to make their marriage a fairytale ending of ‘Happily Married After. If man has got the power, it doesn’t mean he can easily control the heart and mind of his wife by using that power, Its better to WIN the heart and mind of wife rather then controlling it for it is the basic secret of happily married after. Read on to know how you can win the heart of your dear wife and she will go to the ends of the world for you.

Marriage is a full time job that should not be neglected, it requires time and effort to keep it running smoothly, it has some responsibilities that you have to fulfill in order to make it a success and above all you have to love your job as a husband and you will see it is very rewarding; from personal fulfillment to a longer healthier and more financially secure future to a better sex life.

‘Men are from Venus, women are from Mars’ Yes it is true for everything that works for you will not necessarily work for your wife. To understand the way to your wife’s heart, you must first learn what makes her tick; a bouquet of flower may not mean much to you but it means a lot for your wife. For a happily married life, you will have to learn how she perceives and feels the things and learn to see through her eyes and you will understand how to make her happy.

Shed your bachelor’s identity if you want your marriage to be a success. Gone are the days when you could gamble the whole night with your friends because your wife would be waiting for you at home. Time together is the proof that you care, you may think that the wedding ring is enough to prove your commitment but your wife wants you to prove it everyday by giving her love and togetherness.

Imagine how boring a married life would be if it is empty of fights and conflicts. Yes that is true for conflicts if handled properly would lead to even more happiness. Conflicts can help you learn about your wife and make you a better husband. So don’t take them negatively rather learn to get into an argument slowly, avoid accusations and you will feel how their magic works in making your marriage more vivacious and full of life.

Be a good listener and it will bring your wife closer to you, Pay attention when your wife wants to talk to you , listen to her attentively until she is all finished. It will give her the confidence to open herself; it will make her feel protective and secure. Let her talk and explain before offering any suggestion to problem solve. Ask her whether she wants advice or she just wants you to listen and you will be surprised to see how appreciative she will be on this kindness.

Being a husband, it comes in your job to please your wife. You can do small acts of kindness that will please her immensly. You can open the door for her or place a Hershey’s Kiss on the pillow before sleeping at night. These are just small effortless things that can make your marriage successful.

In most cases, women want a romantic experience while men want sex but there can be many steps to take to make both parties happy. You will have to start by understanding her and aiming to please her but don’t stop there because you still have to go a long way to satisfy yourself but start off with satisfying your wife first.

After proving that you are a good kind husband full of love and gratitude for your wife. Now it is the time to introduce yourself, your expectations, needs and desires. Believe me your wife who appreciates your daily efforts will not let you down when its time to prove her love and fulfill her duties as a wife.

Women are like tender roses bloomed in the garden of nature, they just need a little bit of attention and love and they will fill your life with the everlasting fragrance of their love and care

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