Friend Or Girlfriend?

 Friend Or Girlfriend?

friend-or-girlfriendWe always get confuse about some special relationships in our life, that have an important place in forming our lives.

Most of the guys always remain confuse towards the relationship with their girlfriend that whether she is the one they have dreamt off or just their friend like others. There is some difference between a friend and girlfriend that you need to understand and render your girlfriend to understand it too. Most of us believe that when friendship becomes stronger it turn out into a special relationship. This is the stage when you need to be clear about your relationship with your girlfriend because now you need to make your girlfriend feel this relationship and accept it.

If you want to have a change, the kind of relationship with your girlfriend, you must change your attitude towards it. First of all, you need to understand that whether she is your girlfriend or you are just friends as others. How important she is in your life? This is an important question you need to answer before binding yourself in a strong and long lasting relationship. It is your attitude that will make her to think seriously about your relationship. You need to treat her special so she can also change her attitude towards you.

This is forte of your close relationship that makes you to feel special about your girlfriend that you otherwise can’t think about a common friend or colleague. You can easily find out that the girl with whom you are spending your time is just your friend or you have a special romantic relation with her. Think about the kind of talk you do with your friends, you will easily find out that she is your girlfriend or just a common friend. We calculate our moves in a relationship and try to impress our partner when we are in a relationship, while we are very open in a friendship.

Make your mind clear about your relationships and answer this question that is it a crush, infatuation or a true romantic love. This will eventually helps you to move forward in your life with a healthy relationship.

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