Teens Hide Their Online Activities From Parents

 Teens Hide Their Online Activities From Parents

Teens Online ActivitiesThe internet can be dangerous for children especially for teenagers, therefore, parents should keep an eye on the online activities of their kids. Most teens use the internet for preparing school assignments, for playing games and for social networking but many teenagers also use the internet for negative purposes like for chatting with strangers, watching inappropriate videos online and searching nude photos. There are also many other dangers that a kid can encounter while using the internet. There are thousands of websites that can affect the mind of a kid negatively like the websites showing how to become rich quick, how to sell stolen products etc.

Teenagers are aware of how to hide their online activities from parents, and if you have any teenagers living with you or if you know any teenagers, you should also know that teens hide their online activities from parents.
What teens do online?

A study of 400 teenagers and parents showed that 50% of parents were confident on how to monitor the online activities of their children. The study also revealed that 25% of teenagers intentionally watched nude photos and videos. 6% teens told that they had purchased drugs online. 30% teenagers told that they visited those websites which they were not allowed to visit.

A survey was conducted in which 1013 parents and 1004 teens were questioned. The survey result showed that 22% of parents thought that their children checked their social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter constantly, whereas, 41% of teens told that they are constantly online on social media sites. 62% teens told that they watched online vulgarity and 43% said that they had accessed violent content. The survey also revealed that teens used the internet for cheating. 49% teens said that they searched their homework answers online.

A recent study revealed that 71% teens are using the internet for purposes that might surprise their parents and they know very well how to cheat their parents by hiding their online activities.

What they do to hide their online activities?

  • They minimize the internet browsers when anyone enters the room.
  • They clear the browser histories and delete cookies.
  • Some teens create secret email addresses to chat with strangers.
  • They hide instant messages.
  • Use private browsing modes.
  • Create fake social networking profiles.
  • Delete all details of their online activities.

What should parents do to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities?

  • First of all parents should have a friendly relationship with their child so that the kid can share his/her online activity with them. Having a good relationship with a kid provides a better chance to teach them about right and wrong.
  • Parents can protect their children by discussing their online activities with them.
  • Children’s online activities can be monitored by installing parental control software on the computer.
  • Block inappropriate and vulgar websites.
  • Place the computer in a common room of the home.
  • Parents should educate themselves and should learn about the computer and the internet so that they can know what their kids are doing on it.
  • Don’t allow your kid to meet strangers and give his/her personal information to any stranger.
  • Don’t allow your kid to use the internet more than 2 hours a day. Set the daily time limit of using the internet.

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