Relationship Complexity between Father-Son

 Relationship Complexity between Father-Son

Every relationship has its own rules and requires a different sort of handling. So is the case with a father-son relationship. Fathers are the role models for their sons and they influence them the most but in a silent manner. It is a very interesting relationship because men are not very explicit in sharing their feelings especially when it comes to expressing with each other.

The impact of a father’s relationship in the early childhood of son leaves a great impact on the son’s mind. It is likely to see that the son will grow up to have a similar kind of a relationship with his children eventually. This happens in a normal situation where fathers share a moderate relationship with his son but in a relationship where a son has seen his father being brutal and harsh with him and his other family members, particularly mother, the scenario completely changes. It can lead to both positive as well as negative consequences on the relationships that the son will have in future life.

For maintaining a healthy relationship between father and son, it is advisable that both spend quality time with each other especially during the childhood and teenage years of the son. Doing household tasks together, going for different outdoor activities together like fishing and horse riding, playing indoor games together, working on a school project together etc all this helps in building a strong father-son relationship.

For a father, it is very important to be patient and try to control his temper when dealing with a son. It is a very delicate relationship and being abrupt in it is very wrong. Men may seem stronger but when it comes to a relationship like this, they are emotionally weak and get hurt easily. Although, it is very unlikely that they will express their true feelings for each other clearly after some misunderstanding or an argument has taken place. Mostly, songs have a stronger impact on such a negative incidence in this relationship.

Sadly, there are many instances when we see that a communication gap develops in this relationship. At times, it is due to no reason and at times, it is due to the clash of opinions between the father and the son. The best way to overcome these issues in this relationship is to start compromising. Comprise is the best solution for healing cracks of a relationship. If you are a father then you should try to forgive your son thinking that he is still your little boy and mistakes can occur. Fathers need to be big-hearted no matter whatever happens. And for sons, it is advisable to respect their fathers and try to understand their point of view from a father’s perspective.

Lastly, try to be open with each other and don’t be scared of sharing stuff. A relationship always gets better when you communicate with your loved ones. Life is short and we all need to understand the importance of every relationship in our lives.

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