Parents Have to Tell White Lies to Kids

 Parents Have to Tell White Lies to Kids

Lies to Tell ChildrenKids are very delicate out of the earth creation, so they need extra attention and care from every one. As Kids can pick things very quickly other than any human being, so for their protection parents need to speak few white lies to them. Speaking lies to kids are not a good other than they are for their own benefit.

Some lies are good to kept away from kids, because of advance technology, kids are fast learning and learn thing before time. The tips to being a excellent parents is to speak small white lies to your kids, like tell fairy tales so that kids can learn easy with a good lesson and work better than a harsh scolding. 95% parents said that telling white lies to kids in daily routine is a way to keep them instantly and contracted.

Here we have list down few white lies that parent tell to their kids:

  • The Tooth Fairy:

Most of the parents tell their kids that there is a tooth fairy that will take your tooth and give you relief from milk tooth breaking pain. Also, if kids place their tooth under your pillow before going to bed, than kid will get a gift or coin in exchange of that tooth. Don’t know it is truth or just a sweet white lie. Whatever it is, it’s really works for parents to stop kids from cry from pain due to pain.

  • What to answer when kids asks from where they came:

Some time kids ask their parents that from where they came, or how they came into this world. This is a critical question and you can explain it to your kids as parents. So again parents tell a white lie to kids. That a big bird came to your mom, who have a basket in his mouth and drop it to us. We saw that there is a sweet, cute little baby in it and a piece of paper. On paper it was written that this baby is a gift for us. And kids love to listen this story from their parents.

  • Santa on Christmas:

On Christmas, Santa white lie really works. Parents and kids cook everything, make arrangements and decorate entire house. At the end of the day kids wait for the mid of the night to get their gift from Santa. But parents tell kids that Santa won’t come until you sleep. If kid don’t sleep Santa will not give you gift.

  • Eating vegetable:

Kids don’t like to eat vegetable but their Parents told them that eating vegetable will make stomach princess. And kids will grow very fast and strong like Popeye.

  • Making different faces:

It is the bad habit of almost every child to make face to tease others. Parents try to stop them but can’t. So they told them that if kids didn’t stop making face, it will freeze for ever.

  • Parents know everything:

Parents telling their kids that they know everything will help you that their kids wouldn’t make any trouble or stop when they are up to something.

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