Father and Son, A Critical Relationship

 Father and Son, A Critical Relationship

Father and Son, A critical relationshipIn this article we will talk about how the role of father and son changes as they grow old. At the time of birth of son, father feels so proud and confident. He gets a strong feeling that his son will be the one who will be taking over father’s responsibilities, duties and wealth. In short, it’s sufficed to say that father expects a lot from his son. A father has planned almost everything about his son regarding education, career, and socialization even before his son is born.

Expecting too much doesn’t justify the duties and responsibility of a father. He has to be much more than that. Majority of the people believe that good mothering plays a great role in growing and developing a child. Though that’s completely true, but we should know that good fathering is as equally important as good mothering. Father and son relation needs a sound investment in time, effort and great amount of patience.

Children of all ages, both boys and girls, have a natural need of strong bonding with their fathers. Especially boys go through a very hard time in the absence or non-involvement of fathers. According to research by National Center for children in poverty, states that boys without father’s involvement are more likely to commit a crime or they suffer from emotional and behavior problems. This research clearly portrays the importance of father and son relationship.

It is indeed very important for father and son to spend more time bonding with each other. Especially fathers need to take initiative in early stages of the child development. Every father possesses a unique responsibility of influencing and shaping his son to become a respectable and decent person in the society.

Father and son relation is different than the relation of mother and son. Mothers will talk about feelings, emotional stories and use affectionate approach to bond with their sons. Whereas, fathers needs to start a friendly relationship with their sons and try to work on something together like playing sports together, fixing a car or running a business.

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