A Key to women’s heart

 A Key to women’s heart

They say the stomach is the key to win a man’s heart… But what about a woman? Especially if you are living with her.  What could be the best possible way to win the heart of your dear wife? Forget about the beautiful bouquet of red roses, some sweet little romantic card or sexy lingerie for it is the time to go practical.

In a busy schedule of daily routine, gifts like roses and cards look cute but for a wife who has to manage household chores, drop the kids, and other innumerable works, the best gift you can give her is a caring little helping hand in household chores.

According to a survey carried out by London home appliances company and the University of Lancaster, Women love their man best when they help them with little chores like pressing their clothes or surprising them with a morning breakfast in bed.

University psychologist, Carrie Copper said that women feel much secure and protective if their husband is there to help them. Moreover, it also creates a genial friendly and lovable environment in the home.

Be the man your lady desires and show her the gratitude and respect that she deserves. For she does not need flowers, she is herself a beautiful flower bloomed in nature’s garden. Take care of her and give her what she really needs a warm and caring heart.

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