7 Most Important Things a Father Could Teach a Son

 7 Most Important Things a Father Could Teach a Son

Father and SonFathers are their sons’ first heroes and in their father son relationship, they pass on a lot of important things that late become their sons’ personality traits. Respecting women, being strong and reserved and family oriented are some of the most important things that fathers teach their sons.

Fathers need to give an ongoing thought to important things they intend to teach their child

1. Respect women and elderly

Men become gentlemen when they began to respect women and elderly. It’s one of the most important things of having a great personality. Fathers always teach their son how they can show love and respect to their mom, sisters and other girls around him.

2. Be strong and brave

Fathers always want their sons to be courageous. And fathers must teach them that they should stand up for their rights and never fear anyone but God. They should also fight on behalf of the weak and pitiable.

3. Stay composed

Be it aggression or passion or desire. You must never show it. Fathers naturally teach their son s to be reserved. It may be stereotypical but it’s an aspect of a manly persona.

4. Buy flowers for your best women

Fathers can always share their life experience and for sure every man after reaching middle age knows how much women love flowers. Flowers show how sensitive you are for your woman. It’s the best gift that help creasing out all problems.

5. Learn to cook, at least a breakfast

Fathers always tell their sons to be self- dependent. A very important thing is that men should be able to cook or at least know how to make a nice breakfast. When living alone it becomes a necessity, or with family, small gestures like making them a nice breakfast will make your family bond stronger.

6. Less talk, more work

Men who are very talkative are very annoying. Fathers must teach their sons some grace of a man. It is ok to be frank and open in circle of close friends and family, but in a social gathering there are certain conduct codes that they should be taught to follow.

7. Learn to have fun

Work is an important thing. In a father son relationship, they mostly discuss work. Mostly, fathers keep telling their sons what they expect out of them and how far they want their sons to go. But good fathers also teach their sons to love, laugh and have fun, cause after all, life is a waste if not fully lived.

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