5 rivalry Issues Among twins

 5 rivalry Issues Among twins

1- Identity issue:

Identity issueAlthough, we love to see twins wearing similar cloths. In our view it looks cool but you know most of the twins hate this hackle jackal look. There were twins in our school and one of her said once that she hates wearing the same dress like her sisters especially on some event or function. We all know that same dressed twins always put us in confusion and it make extremely irritating for them too. In case like this one identity issue is one of the biggest rivalry issue that twins face as they are often mistaken as the other one and this problem creates a lot of rifts between the two, This identity crises usually stays with them even after they grow up. 

2- How to Deal with Competition?

Deal with CompetitionMost of the twins are different in characteristics from each other; they have complete unique qualities from each other. The rivalry issue creates if one is better than the other. It creates a lot of dilemma for the other one to manage with this constant competition. In this case parents, teachers and friends start comparing the two in terms of good and bad characteristics, which worsens with age. In fact, in some cases by the time this competitive feeling makes either one dominating or exploitative.

3- Different Choices in Career:

Different Choices in CareerIf one is brilliant in science and chooses to be an engineer or doctor and the other one chooses to be an artist than it does not mean that the other one is less in abilities in any way. But different choices in career are another main issue between identical twins as normally people think that they have the same abilities. Though, they look similar but most twins are poles apart when it comes to making choices in any manner. They can choose career with their individual interests. Nevertheless, twins are subject to constant advices from natives about the choices they make in life, especially when it comes to chose career.

4- Peer Pressure:

Peer Pressure for menWhen twins are in school and colleges this rivalry issue usually happens. Everybody closely noticed their capacity in studies and the picking of friends. If one sibling gets better grades and has good companionship, while the other turns out to be a vagrant, all and sundry seems to be eyeing their moves. Moreover, friends and relatives found to do questioning the weaker twin about his/ her position and constantly pressurize him/ her to follow the better twin which can creates rivalry issue.

5- Who Gets Better By The Age?

Gets Better By The AgeAlthough, rivalry and envy take a backseat with age, what move stealthily in are ego clashes. It happens if the one goes better with age and if they live a better life then other. A lot of these issues are never surfaced; it’s only the twins who experience these internal conflicts. On further it makes relationship bitter and finally those who looks like an ideal pair tends to those who hardly shake their hands.

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