Facts About Why Men Make Better Best Friends

 Facts About Why Men Make Better Best Friends

As you all might know, I’m a bit unusual. I’m anything but ordinary; not a girl that likes to gossip much for entertainment. I’m not one who enjoys nail polish very much, in fact I think it’s a waste of time, you know since I’ll be removing it in a few days anyway.

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I’m not a girl that likes to bitch and complain about everything that’s wrong with my life. I’m not one who fakes smiles and screams at the mall for running into someone I’ve just seen yesterday. Yeah I’m great, right?

Basically, I’m a guy. I’m someone who is true to themselves all the time. Someone who enjoys the finer things in life; one who values her friends and would literally jump up at 5 am to go pick up a friend at the airport.men_better_best_friends_1

Being a “guy” in the middle of what seems to be the real-life Desperate Housewives season finale, it was kind of hard for me to make good girl friends that didn’t care much for LV bags and Gossip Girl. However I managed to have plenty of guy friends and a few more “guy” girlfriends that were like a good ol’ pair of Converse shoes: Indispensable.

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Friends that wouldn’t mind burping and farting in front of me. Yeah, I know, I don’t appreciate it either but I like how they’re open about their body chemistry. Friends that are there for me when things go both right or wrong. Friends that don’t fake smiles, people who are true to me around the clock not just when I’m around them.

After years of observing and building relationships, I’ve come to realize that guys do make better best friends than girls. They won’t judge you, they won’t compare themselves to you, they won’t compete with you to the top, and they will most certainly tell you to shut up when you’ve been blabbering on for too long instead of shaking their heads pretending to listen. Despite being friend-zoned at times to avoid confusion, guys always manage to dust it all off and carry on being great minus the awkwardness.

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The reason behind men and women making good friends is simple. Like a key and lock, men and women complement each other. Guys can listen to you for hours talking about what you hate most about guys simply because they can relate. Not in a “OMGGGG me too” sense of a way that girls manage to pull to almost everything you say, but rather REALLY relate since they’re guys themselves. Getting what you mean; reading into your personality and what you’re thinking rather than just hearing you. You answer each other’s questions and together you decipher the codes of this thing called love. You give each other great advice reflecting both genders into your words rather than just one. And lastly, you don’t have to worry you two will be seen sporting the same outfit because they don’t copy your sense of style.

To all the men in my life, the guys who have been there through all the PMSs, the guys who know me like the back of their PS3 controllers, we appreciate you, we don’t mean to friend-zone you, and we most certainly do need you in our lives so please don’t go!

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