Ways To Make Women Chase You

 Ways To Make Women Chase You

Ways to make Women Chase MenBe The Lady Killer Not The Attraction Killer

Guys need to know the dos and don’ts if they want the women to chase them. The fact is the guys destroy their chance of having women pursue them by making some blunders from the start. The moment most men meet a woman either they hem and haw, acting nervous and insecure which is a total attraction killer. Women like men who are responsible but over possessive or nervous men do not make a very good first impression. So the man should master his inner game to the point where he can approach any woman any time and come across as totally confident and secure right off the bat. Men who are magnetic to women have nothing but confidence and the art of making a good conversation.

Be A Challenge

Be a challenge, do not make women feel that you are desperate, needy and eager to please; this will definitely putt every women with whom you every had a chance will be put off. Be a challenge, come across as powerful as a guy who has a lot going on in his life and couldn’t care less if he gets her. If the women get this impression they will definitely come after you instead of making you wait for them.

Do Not Ask Silly Questions to Spoil The First Impression

Make sure the first impression is a good one because once a woman thinks you are not a good guy she will keep thinking like that for the rest of her life. Besides this avoid some of the questions for sure which include; “so what kind of guys do you like?” or “So, am I your type?” and worst of all question would be, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Please. Don’t do it or you will choose any chance of getting the girl.

Don’t Linger On For Too Long

One of the ways to make the women chase you would be follow the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you are around all the time then do not expect that the women be anticipated with a call. When there is no anticipation then the driving force to make a women come after you will not be there. Make yourself scarce and special so that she keeps wanting more of you and she even tries to get it.

Pay Attention The Right Way

Last but not the least; the women love it when guys pay attention to them. But it’s the anticipation of getting attention that drives them crazy. So it’s time to let go of all those obvious complements and flashy gifts. Instead tell her how much you miss her when she isn’t around and you were thinking of her today or tell her you had a dream about her last night. This will make her addictive to hearing more and more.

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