Top 10 turn offs for women

 Top 10 turn offs for women

It certainly is not easy to attract the attention of the opposite gender. Once you have successfully done that, it gets even more difficult to retain her interest. Physical appearance is definitely one of the keys to success but when you engage her in a talk, you might turn her off right away. If you are unable to identify the exact reason of it then it would be helpful for you to reflect on some of the basic habits of men that prove to be a big turn off for women

Personal Hygiene

To begin with the physical appearance; no matter how handsome you are naturally, if you do not have proper grooming habits then do not expect women to be attracted by you. Dirty fingernails, sweaty body, pot bellies are the major turn offs for women. There is a difference between being untidy and rough looks. Do not mix them up.

Being Selfish

Self admiration is another big turn off for women. Men who are truly, deeply and madly in love with their own selves usually bore women. All they have to do is admire their own selves which lead them to another major turn off for women, being big headed and immodest. It certainly is not wrong to be appreciative of one’s own self but what’s the use of advertising it?

Price Tags

Yes, money attracts women but big talk turns them off. Bragging about things you can not afford to possess is not a good idea as it proves to be a turn off for women. You do not have to fake yourself to attract a woman. Talking about your big mind-boggling plans, high level contacts and your capabilities, which according to you are not being realized will definitely turn your woman off.

Sex Sex Sex!

There is always a step-by-step kind of pattern in developing a physical relationship. Men preoccupied with sex prove to be a turn off for women. Sex maniacs are not appreciated by every woman. Always be mindful of the fact that “slow and steady wins the race”.

Emotionally insecure

Over sensitive and over emotional men, big time turn off for women. Women prefer emotionally strong men, who can not only handle their own issues but also help her solve her problems. None of the ladies would like to adopt a cry baby. There is no bigger turn off for women then crying men.

Being a baby!

Oddly Babyish behavior doesn’t really suit men. No doubt, men like to be treated as babies and women sometimes appreciate it. But consistent babyish behavior is a big turn off for women. It not only proves to be a turn off but also cause embarrassment if the man behaves babyish in public. Women love to see you strong like rock.


It is good to have a healthy argument now and then. But arguing for just the heck of it turns the women off. Hard-to-please kind of men, who argue about every little thing and interfere in every matter do nothing but spoil the relationship.

Constant Nagging

Closely connected to the habit of useless argument is another annoying habit of complaining. Men who are never happy with anything and manage to find fault in everything and everybody turns the women off.

Suspicious Attitude

Insecurity regarding relationships and at work place is not really appreciated by women. It’s good to know that somebody is afraid of losing you but that does not mean the man starts spying or distrust the woman. Constant fear of somebody is trying to snatch your woman or your job turns the women off. Men should express some confidence not only in the woman but in their own selves.

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