Things to Avoid During Sex

 Things to Avoid During Sex

Sex for Men

Your relationship with your girlfriend/spouse is different than other relationships and one little mistake can take her away from you. Some of the “Don’ts” in sex for men are as follows:

Sex for Men Tips

1. Don’t Rush:

Sex for men is mostly all about reaching the climax. But if you really want to turn on your girl, you should pay attention to every part of her body. Kiss her wrists, rub her back, whisper in her ear and make her feel loved. Rushing to the climax of things might cause dissatisfaction for your girl.

2. Don’t bite before she is ready

Sex for men is enjoyable when it is wild. But women might feel bad about it. Let her get aroused before you start biting her or it might be painful for her.

3. Don’t put your weight on her

It is normal to lose control during sex for men, but be careful not to drop your weight on her. It might cause discomfort and trouble in breathing for her.4. Keep a good control on yourself

Sex for men is successful when you understand what your woman wants and also keep a good control over your movements. If you ejaculate too soon, you will leave her un-satisfied, if you ejaculate too late, she will feel bad about it. Read her body language. Sex for women is different from sex for men.

5. Don’t stay quiet

Even when we talk about sex for men, we know that you like it when you hear your woman telling you how much she is enjoying, even if she does it by moaning. Well, did you ever realize that this rule doesn’t only apply to sex for men? She wants to hear you while you are making love to her.

6. Never talk about your other relationships

You will eventually turn her off if you keep reliving your sexual experiences with other relationships. Let her get the feel that you are all hers while you are with her. It is a major sex for men tip, because men are known to talk about their past more often than women.

Never compare your present relationship with other relationships you have had. Sex for men can be complete successes if the above six points are always kept in mind.

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