The 10 Best Places to Meet Women Outside of Bars

 The 10 Best Places to Meet Women Outside of Bars

Best Places to Meet Women

Who’s that girl? Yeah she’s new in town and is single so why don’t you make a try to be with her. Stop don’t even think about spending time in a night club holding a filled glass in hands because this can make your image a bit ignorant, so try some new places to spend some pleasure time with her.

1. Morning Walk the best place to meet women:

What? Did you say she’s very health conscious and goes for a walk every morning? Now is the time to get out of the bed and run to have a romantic morning walk with her in coolbreeze.

2. Gym/Yoga Classes the healthy place to meet women:

Fitness is very important for your health so that you can show off your muscles and strength that you can hold her for long. Arrange some brochures of gym and yoga classes and ask your girl to join you and have some relaxing moments with her.

3. Weddings the best place to meet women:

It’s your best mate wedding and she’s the bride’s maid, looking gorgeous in a formal gown holding a bouquet standing beside the bride. Everyone’s looking at bride so you keep an eye on her and tell her through that she’s looking amazing and yet you want her to be standing in white gown wearing a veil. Exchange some words of praise with her and spend good time with her under some ringing wedding bells.

4. Church a good place to meet women:

You can even meet her at a society church and spend time while praying and exchanging good wishes for each other, it is a place where no one is going to disturb you while you guys exchange your view points about life and of course your future plans.

5. Libraries the best place to meet women:

Yeah! I know that you are a tech savvy person and love to sit in front of yourcomputer all the time but it’s time to shut it down and go to a library to meet your girl. You will definitely find a quiet corner where you both sit and enjoy reading love stories with her and can hear each other’s heart beats. SsssHhhh! don’t beat too loud.

6. Long drive along the beach can help be happy with women:

You can even take her to a long drive to suburban areas or eventually land to a beach or a garden where forgetting all about the tensions and matters of life you can spend time while walking bare footed on sand or grass feeling nature at its best while holding each other’s hands spending some best moments of your life with her.

7. Grocery/shopping a good reason to be with her:

Women love those men who help them doing grocery, so if you have spare time and you that she might be going for shopping so call her ask her if you could company her. If possible pick her from her place and take her to shopping and later don’t forget to end the day with a hot cup of coffee and a brownie.

8. Cinema the best place to spend time with women:

A movie has always been a good reason to sit closest to a woman for continuous 1oo or more minutes.So buy two tickets of a romantic movie to a nearby cinema and have a blast watching the movie with popcorns and drinks.

9. Museum/Art Exhibitions to enjoy leisure time with women:

Life is very boring without colors and art so why not try to spend some time with her while walking along the corridors of a museum or art gallery commenting on the paintings and mummified objects and get inspired from aroma of art, creativity and hard work of others.

10. Candle Light Dinner the best place for a perfect date:

Why wait for some natural incidents to happen, you like her then it’s a dare take a step forward and ask her for a dinner, arrange some candles and a hot menu of home cooked turkey can make the ambiance very romantic. Don’t forget to dress properly and a precious gift for her.

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