Positions that make women go Oh-La-La

 Positions that make women go Oh-La-La

Women love sex as much as men do. Women like to experiment in their sexual lives almost as much as men do and have an extreme level of kink in their fantasies but the most appreciated sex positions by women are the most common sex positions, both anal and vaginal.

This is due to the fact that these positions create the perfect balance required between maximum pleasure and the level of difficulty while having intercourse, meaning that these sexual positions result in the maximum of pleasure at the minimum of effort required to pull them off.

That doesn’t mean, in any way, that women are not open to sexual experimentation. It just means that there are some positions that make women wet sooner than others.

There is no easier way to get a woman wet and horny then to get her on top, literally. When women feel that they are in charge they tend to do wonders with it. They can rock your world once they feel that they are in charge of the situation. This position is most commonly known as the private lap dance, where you let her be the boss of whatever she wants to do with your body.

The comfort zone is the missionary position, which is the most comfortable and most ancient form of lovemaking. Incessant passion and creativity can flare even this position up; all you’ve got to do is take charge of the situation. Women love being dominated in bed. You need to show her that just this once, you are the boss and she is the subject.

Another extremely liked sex position by women is stand at erection. The name says it all. You sit, she stands. That way there is high probability of her getting a G-spot orgasm. This sexual position has room for all the naughtiness that you want to squeeze in. It can be put to good use on the washing machine, on the kitchen counter, on your car hood, on the piano etc.

When it comes to anal sex, doggy style is the most enjoyed sex position by women. Bending down on all fours and being taken from behind has its own pleasures but the pleasure can be intensified if you are bending forward as well and doing things to her that’ll blow her senses away. If you are thinking of satisfying a woman do read Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies.

The Om is another immensely liked sex position by women. In this position, you sit cross-legged, and your woman sits on your lap facing you. Hugging each other for support and having her wrap her legs around you are ways to go about this sex position. But remember, rocking, not thrusting, is the key to attain orgasm in this intimate position. This has a bit of romance involved in it too because since both of you are facing each other, the aspect of looking into each other’s eyes while sealing the deal is inevitable. Hence, it puts the ‘oh’ in the O-m.

However, it is not to be forgotten that while not every women may enjoy the above mentioned sex positions, most of them do and they are open to experimentation in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Also read here Top 10 Places for Sex.

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