Men don’t gossip? Says who?

 Men don’t gossip? Says who?

Men GossipThe word ‘Gossip’ is long associated with women. It’s a general perception that it’s always woman who likes to gossip about what is happening around, who is dating whom, who is cheating on their partner and so on. But is that is it really a only-woman thing? A recently research has revealed the reality and debunked the myth that it is not only women who gossip but men have same interest in doing gossip as women. Agreeing to this fact completely, some female celebs have given their views mentioning that, men talk vicious when they gossip. When men tittle-tattle comes out from their under-wraps, it can be more detrimental than a woman’s. If you actually look forward to hear that what men discuss, you must visit their all-men gatherings, they can be really ferocious.

In fashion industry, models gave their reviews about men that they are more intense gossipers than women and the most favorite job of men is to shop and gossip about girls. It is surely hard to find a man who has never indulged in juicy gossip. A woman may never talk about her personal life the way men discuss theirs. Men can easily tell their personal life and blunders involving girls with their friends, which they may have experienced in life. Infact, they don’t just share their stories with their friends but actually laughs and backbites about the women who got caught in their stunts. They feel so proud while, discussing girlish matters.

Men generally pretend as if doing gossip is not a good practice and dislike this particular trait of woman, sometimes they even criticize women for doing so. A group of five beautiful female friends explained that men like to pretend as ‘cool dudes’ but in veracity, men are equally curious to know who their ex-girl friend is dating these days.

Sometimes, girls get into gossips so that they do not look like the odd one out, even if they do not enjoy the conversations or even the party for that matter. But is it similar for man? In this regard, a lecturer has mentioned that both men and women have same characteristics and though gossiping is primarily considered to be a ‘women only’ forte, we must not ignore the fact that there are men as well who are equally as interested in it as women.

There is a huge difference in the way women and men gossip with their friends and family, but it’s really not as simple as discussing shopping versus football. There is an unusual perception about men in the society that even if they do gossips, they might just talk about sports or boasting about accomplishments like increase in pay and rise is stick markets etc. But that’s not the fact; they talk about stuff that is beyond a girl’s imaginations at times. Men are really not as naïve as they look; their gossips can be more discomfiture if compared with women’s. Furthermore, it is considered that, for men gossiping brings them closer and make them best buddies of all times.

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