How to Read Her Body Language

 How to Read Her Body Language

The best way to get to know what she feels for you would be to read her body gestures. Let’s get started with the details and see step by step what a lady’s body gestures actually mean. The idea is that you know what she does and interpret her body language into how she actually feels for you.

Watch Her Fingers

Now step number 1 is to watch her fingers carefully. See if she pushes her fingers through her hair that means that she is looking to get your attention. Now it’s not just that she touches her hair and you get the idea that her body language shows that she has feelings for you.

Notice How She Touches Her Hair

A very important factor is that you notice how she touches her hair; this will tell you about her temperament. If she does it slowly, then it evident that the lady is a clever expert of the art of love but if the movements are quick and nervy then that discloses her impatience or embarrassment.

Touching Edge of Glass With Her Fingers

Another very famous sexual move is the touching the edge of the glass with her fingers, it is supported by women.Whereas on the other hand if the movement is elegant and caressing then this is a sign of self-control, calmness and waiting, so in that case all you need to do as a guy is sit by her side. On the other hand if she is beating a rhythm on the glass with her nails then she is definitely an impatient lady.

Notice Her Hand Movements

Step number 2 is to notice the hand movements. Any soft and polite touch by a lady in a good mood is always a good positive body gesture. It can be interpreted as her interest in you.
Step number 3 is to notice her hands and arms movements. If she keeps touching her chin and her eyes seem to be thinking then it’s not always the sign of her being impressed by your appearance.

Have Some Humor

It is a body gesture that leaves the woman with asking herself; “does this guy deserve me?” and the answer to you might be obvious but she probably needs to think over it. To turn the answer into a positive answer all you need to do is flash your humour for the sake of getting the right guess and results of her body language.

Crossing Arms

Help her make her decisions. If she has crossed her arms together then she definitely is uncomfortable with her weight, appearance or she is simply annoyed with you. Do not consider this gesture a positive gesture. In this case when her body languages is giving a negative vibe then simply give her the impression that you are not interested in her, this will bring her towards you.

These few aspects of her body gesture give us the idea how she would react or act in a certain way and what she feels about you.

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