Dating Rules in a Relationship

 Dating Rules in a Relationship

Dating Rules in a RelationshipIf you want to date the girl/guy of your dreams and spend the most perfect time together, you need to follow these fun and simple dating rules. Dating rules are important for all of us who want to reach the high standards of that someone special so, read on!

Yes, we all have heard and read about the perfect dates and dating rules and ideas on how to make the date the most unforgettable time of your life. Fortunately or unfortunately, life is not such a fairytale after all. You need to focus on what you want to acquire in life, especially in your love life and your relationship. Loving someone truly, madly and deeply is certainly the key to a perfect relationship and of course good dating rules however, loving someone a little practically and realistically has become even more important nowadays. So, all you couples in love out there read on to know the perfect and fun dating rules!

1) Be yourself: The most important and foremost dating rule is that you need to be who you are all the time. NO MATTER WHAT. Changing yourself for a person in a relationship for no reason is not such a good idea after all. Be yourself and show him/her the real you so that he/she can love you for what you are.

2) Be comfortable: Another dating rule for you is to make sure that whether it is your first date or not, try to be at good comfort levels with each other. This is the best way to actually get to know each other well and this is how you both will get to know about what to do with this relationship in future. Just go with the flow!

3) Love yourself first: In order to love the other person truly according to perfect dating rules, you need to fall in love with yourself first. This does not mean that you have to become selfish in order to be together and gain his/her attention. Always remember that you are not that easy to get and the other person should know that too.

4) Don’t bore each other: The idea of a perfect date is to have fun and falling in love with the other person right after your first date is so not cool. You need to enjoy each and every moment of the date and then decide what to do next. Be open and fun during your date and this is sure to make the other person love you for what you are. If not, good for you!

5) Open up and say IT! The best part about the dating rules these days is that you can be really expressive. If you are waiting for the other person to say the three words or praise you and he/she is not doing it then just do it yourself, whether you are a girl or guy.

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