Dating Myths and Surprising Truths

 Dating Myths and Surprising Truths

Big Dating MythsThere are all sorts of myths all over the world but there are those kinds of myths as well which most of the men and women face every time when they think about relationships. Yes, we are talking about dating myths not about the myth revolving around an ancient treasure. These dating myths have been making everyone nervous during their dates. I will be telling you about a few of these many dating myths and the surprising truths behind them.

• The first one of these dating myths are

‘Just be nice and interesting and you will get a woman.’
This is one the dating myths which you often hear. It is okay to be nice and interesting but mostly it will lead you to the friendship category rather than the relationship category. Most of the women want to have relationship with men who are romantic, exciting and fun.

• The most commonly heard one from the many dating myths is:

‘While on a date, talk about common interests.’
It is true that when you are going to talk about common interests you will feel connected but nonetheless it is one of the dating myths. It will be much better that if you talk about personal experiences and different hobbies rather than just sharing common information. It will be much more interesting for both to learn about each other. So this wraps up another one those dating myths which we usually call relationship wisdom.

• The third one of these relationship wisdom or dating myths goes something like this;

‘It’s is good idea to be friends with your partner so that you can get to know each other better and get closer.’
Yes out of the many dating myths this one is also heard quite often and many people accept this as a fact however I don’t agree with this. Too much familiarity or shall I say over familiarity can ruin your relationship. Be friendly with your partner. Even social networks can cause jealousy and arguments on even tiny things.  So better watch out for these dating myths because they put you on the wrong track.

• Time for number four out of the many dating myths:

‘Don’t talk too much about them; ask your partner lots of questions about them.’
Well to be honest this one out of the many dating myths seems half correct. Nobody will like it if you talked about yourself on and on and don’t even bother to listen to the other on your date. However one needs to be talking about yourself in a balanced way and listening to your partner will be much better. The researchers say that the use of the word ‘I’ indicates the term of self disclosure which promotes closeness and also reflects your independence.

• Here is another one of the so many dating myths:

‘Eat low calorie food to show that you are health conscious.’
Out of the many dating myths, this one gives out a formal feeling and by that I mean it may look formal if you show that you are health conscious. Sometimes it does work for the women.

So these were only few of the many dating myths which are pretty common these days but one has to watch out for such dating myths as they can actually ruin your relationship.

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