Can you be in a Relationship and Still be a Party Animal

 Can you be in a Relationship and Still be a Party Animal

Can You Be In A Relationship and Still Be A Party AnimalMany guys refrain from a commitment or a serious relationship because they have a fear that they will lose their fun and freedom to party anytime they wish too. Almost 70-80% men hold this fear and hence, avoid any sort of serious relationship. But the truth is just the opposite. Just like everything else in life, you can definitely balance your relationship and partying with friends easily if you think smart and work out smartly.

Indulge Your Partner

Normally, in a relationship, your partner stops you from partying simply because she thinks you will not give her more time and you will be spending more time with your friends. You can smoothly sort this issue by asking your partner in relationship with you to occasionally join you for partying in groups or simply with each other. This will not only strengthen your relationship but it will bring you both closer as well.

Listen to Her

If you are in a serious mood of partying, then make sure that you have given enough time to your lady love prior to that. Remember that now you are in a relationship and not single anymore, therefore, prioritize accordingly. Manage to schedule your partying time and the time that you devote to your relationship. Listen carefully to your partner and discuss matters, it always helps in strengthening a relationship.

Group Partying

Another good way of balancing your relationship with your partying habits is to go for group partying. Invite your friends and the friends of your partner, the more the merrier! In this way, you cannot only stay close to your lady love, your mates but also satisfy your ultimate party desires. Moreover, you will be pleased to enjoy the company of them at one place without affecting your relationship.

Respect her Thoughts

One of the key elements of a successful relationship is to respect each other. If your partner gives you room for partying independently with your friends and takes part in all your partying habits then you should ensure that you respect her wishes too. A relationship is only successful if you contribute as much as your partner does or sometimes, even more.

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