8 First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Types

 8 First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Types

First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy TypesA creatively impressive first date can do wonders for your love life. The typical ‘dinner’ move is getting redundant – no matter how light it’s going to make your wallet. It’s a ‘been-there-done-that’ for many people now. If your date is more unconventional and outdoorsy, these 8 First Date ideas would be the best for you:

1. Picnic In A Forest

A national park or arena in a safe setting would be ideal for the first date. You might need to plan this before. Develop some understanding that your date feels comfortable with this as well. A long drive to find a perfect spot is your best bet. Otherwise, good secluded part of a park would also do.

2. Hiking Trails

If your buddy is a physical fitness lover or a nature fan, hiking can also be a good option for you. You can make some homemade treats to share as a picnic meal when you reach a nice spot on the trail. Wear comfortable clothing and chat along to build good memories.

3. Kayaking

This depends on your location, but if you are able to arrange a Kayak for the first date, it will be a perfect blend of adventure and adrenaline for your date. Good food and good pictures can always come next to make these memories last.

4. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Going for scuba or snorkeling requires prior arrangement and availability near your region. For a nature buff date, this can be a wonderful experience. Although, do make sure that your date has no reservations about jumping into swimwear just on the first date!

5. Skydiving

For an adrenaline junkie and daredevil date, nothing can beat the thrill of skydiving. You might need to spend some time in the intro and basics, but this can be totally worth it. Make sure that your date does not have fear of heights before opting for this one!

6. Horseback Riding

If your date has horseback riding interest, try to visit a ranch and/or a horse stable where you can see and ride horses and do different activities depending upon how good of a rider both of you are. This gives a personalized touch to the date, which nobody can ignore.

7. Camping

Depending upon how comfortable will your date be to go away for the weekend on the first date, camping outdoors in a serene place will have lasting memories. If both of you develop that understanding, the personal moments within just few hours of camping will be long-lasting.

8. Riding Bikes

For a tame, yet fun outdoorsy first date, you can learn/teach bike riding to your date and have a nice ride along the beach, in a park, or anywhere with good surroundings. You can also opt for motorbike riding if you wish to induce some daredevil touch in it.

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