7 Reasons Why Men Lie

 7 Reasons Why Men Lie

Guys forever try to make their life successful, prosperous and full of joys and to achieve their desired goals and tasks and proving them the most eligible, honest, and truth full in all the aspects of life they speak lies confidently.

Reasons Why Men Lie

1. Eternal love and affection for home sweet home

Men are really mellow dramatic artist’s appraising their wife and girlfriend for all time love, care and affection. This is the most unique and easiest type of lie to agreeable, pleasing sentimental and emotional black mailing sweet, charitable and nourishing lie for peaceful and happy life.

2. Workload and over time at office

Mostly men lie on the foundation of their job giving the reason of too much work at office complaining about work load by strict and rigid behavior of boss for completing assigned tasks in time. this is a very universal lie for wife, girlfriend or with family showing that they are the most busiest person in the whole world and back bone of official work and office might be closed without them.

3. Lame excuse of traffic jam

An added worldwide or collective lie from men is about a cursing the traffic jam by saying that they are on their way to home since one or two hours before but still fighting with the giant of terrible traffic jam by lying they want to reach home as soon as possible to spend more time with wife or girlfriend.

4. Mobile service issue

Most of the time men lie about irritable and unreasonable issue of mobile service of weak signals predicament,then the dilemma of down battery or charging issue. Creating the mobile a subjective reason of their late coming or any other problem and sometime saying I was busy at meeting and the mobile was on silent mode to justify themselves.

5. Making their arguments solid and avoiding embarrassment

Men lie just to maintain their dignity, esteem and self-respect according to their own point of view. They try to hide their mistakes or faults from time to time forcefully lie to get rid of embarrassment. Men make their lies brawny with solid arguments and excuses.

6. To enjoying favors and benefits

Men lying policies are the part of favors’ and benefits politics to get preferred goals and tasks of life without facing hard ships and obstacles of life. Men are too much habitual of lying that they don’t consider even the outcomes of their lies.

7. Alcohol drinking

Men often lie about drinking of beer, rum, alcoholic drinks and etc that they have not drunk while their mouth smells at time. In case they accept that they were drunken that was the last drink of their life and will never drink till death.

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