7 Blind Date Pitfalls you Need to Avoid

 7 Blind Date Pitfalls you Need to Avoid

Blind Date PitfallsBlind dating isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Even petty things can go wrong and make your date go bad. Trying to avoid some common mistakes can save you a lot hassle and trouble on both ends.

• Over expectations

Here comes the first and foremost blind date pitfall; don’t expect the things to be awesome. The girl you’re going to meet might not be like you were expecting. Better don’t over expect about anything at all. Just relax and observe how the things take their own course. Meet the person in a relaxed mood and greet her well. Start with general small talk and then move to other topics of general interest.

• Hush it!

Your blind date will after all be blind! Do not boast about it in your friends and family. Keep it to yourself until you meet the girl 3-4 times. It’s an important blind date pitfall that you need to take care of. Think about it and see if the things are on the right track and you feel that the relationship can go a little further. It would be better to tell them in a light mood only if the things are going smooth, or else you’ll have to answer a thousand questions about what went wrong.

• Listen to your heart, not to your friend

If you are new in a relationship and you think you like the girl and want to carry on with the relationship, just do what you think you should. It is you who has met the girl; you’re the one who can judge the things better than anyone else. Do not go for a break-up if one of your friends thinks you should, that’s another blind date pitfall that you need to avoid. Don’t let anyone else judge the things and take decisions for you. Take your time to think about it and decide for yourself that you should go on with the relationship or not.

• Don’t hype up on praising

You’ve just met the girl…you can’t get to know her better in just about a few meetings. She knows better what she’s like. Don’t just start praising her beauty or her manners too soon. She would know that you’re just trying to turn her on…that’s all. Go easy on her and act mature.

• Take some more time out, don’t push the things

If you think that you like the girl, then take some more time out to decide whether she’s the one or not. Take a day off work and spend the whole day together. This will help you knowing her better and find her strengths and weaknesses; also helping you to avoid many other blind date pitfalls. Think about all aspects of life if you’re thinking about spending your whole life with her.

• Don’t pose

Never ever pose anything that you’re not. If you are watching TV at home and she calls up, don’t tell her that you’re busy in a meeting at work, just to show off that you’re a competent professional at work. Better be your self and only tell her the things about yourself that she needs to know. Neither show all your cards at once, nor show the wrong cards.

• Don’t push on being physical

The biggest blind date pitfall is to push the girl on being physical too soon. Believe it or not, but not many girls go that far that soon. Take your time and let her take hers, then after a few meetings if you feel that you two seriously want to take up the relationship, then it is time to think about intimacy.

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