10 Things Men Secretly Hate About KISSING!

 10 Things Men Secretly Hate About KISSING!

Kissing is an integral part of a romantic relationship. In fact, no romantic relationship can flourish without a hint of physical intimacy. And kissing lays the foundation to that physical intimacy. Most of us have self-assumed the fact that men cherish physical intimacy, regardless in what form it is. A guy is always up for a kiss. Isn’t it what we think? But there are some things about kissing that men secretly hate. And bet you, there are never going to tell you.

10 Things Men Secretly Hate About KISSING!

Here are the things men detest about kissing, but are too shy to tell you…

1. They Hate It When They Are Stuck with Someone Who Isn’t Good at Kissing

Everyone pretends to be an ace at kissing, but the truth is otherwise. Not everyone, in fact a very few people are good at this art. They hate it when they are with a girl who’s not that well-versed with the art of kissing.

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2. He Never Likes Getting a Tongue Being Forced Down His Throat

A bit of tongue is good in kissing. But a whole piece of flesh going straight down of throat will only asphyxiate you. This is what happens when you’re trying to get too much inside him. And believe me, he isn’t going to like it. He isn’t going to tell you either. Be careful!

3. Kissing for Too Long

Okay, admit it, we all see those love-making scenes in the movie with 15 minutes of full-on kissing. But do you know that those scenes are shot in multiple takes? Things don’t work out in the similar manner in real life. Too long kissing will bore him and lose interest in you. His mind will ultimately wander to the things kept around in the room.

4. Chapped Lips

Kissing a cactus! He will feel like he’s making out with a porcupine who’s unintentionally trying to tear apart his lips. Apply a decent amount of Chapstick before starting a make-out session with him.

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5. Bad Breath

Bad breath is big turn-off whether we’re talking about conversations or a make-out session. Even a fully-geared man can go cold after smelling your bad breath. Keep a packet of mint in your pocket if you chronically suffer from bad breath. Bad breath is never welcomed at any cost.

6. An Accidental Eskimo Kiss

The nose doesn’t get in between. 3 Idiots must have cleared this doubt in your mind. But there are times when your amateurship lands you in an impromptu eskimo kiss (A kiss where your nose rubs each other’s). Unlike those mushy pictures on internet, men DO NOT like eskimo kisses.

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7. Glasses Getting Tangled Up

You wear glasses, he wears glasses and what a mess it is. Don’t forget to remove your glasses and his as well. Two big glass-eyes will only get entangled and make more love than you can ever do. Just like your clothes, don’t forget to put your glasses down.

8. Your Hair in His Mouth

He likes to play with your hair, but definitely not with his mouth. If you have long hair, then tie them up before they can create such a mess. If left loose, you both are about to eat some hair. YUCK!

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9. When You Sit There Like a Zombie

You’re not feeling like making out? No issues, just tell him straight. Sitting like a zombie while he’s trying to kiss you will make his piss off. Not kissing him back is outright rude.

10. Staring at Him While Kissing

This is an untold rule about kissing, that you need to close your eyes while kissing. Staring at his face while kissing will intimidate him. Staring at him like a weird while he’s amidst the act will cool things down.

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