Dating Advice – Approach Her Confidently

 Dating Advice – Approach Her Confidently

dating-approach-her-confidentlyYou must have seen ugly (comparatively) men with super hot babes. Now what is so special about those guys who can easily date beautiful women? Probably it’s just a jackpot for the guy? Or the girl is too dumb to ignore all the handsome dudes around and date the ugliest one?

Well it is about luck somehow but more importantly those men do have something special. That special thing can be money (mostly for greedy girls), sense of humor (so that they can amuse chicks while dating) or just confidence. Yes! CONFIDENCE……

You know, no matter what you have or what you are, unless you have the courage to express or present yourself you are good for nothing. Guys do feel it difficult to approach/date women, especially if the girl is exceptionally charming. Reluctance is a genuine problem for those who are shy by nature but even they can make things easy by just working a little bit.

Now while approaching/dating women, looking good is the ground rule but bear in mind that she is a human being like you, even if she is good looking. This thought will surely help you stay at ease and with this state of mind you will not panic. Once you are confident you will act natural, which is very important.

Here just don’t think of any cheesy lines while approaching or dating her, that would be the last thing on earth a woman would like to listen to. Consider the surrounding and come up with something accordingly. Like if you are in a library, ask about the book she is reading, if she is comfortable then discuss something more about it. Gradually get to discussing library and eventually you will come to the point. Once you are on the track, the girl will help you (provided she is interested?).

So the gist of discussion is that breaking the ice is the most important thing. Once you have done that, thing get much easy……

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