World AIDS Day: 8 Safe Sex Facts Every Girl Should Be Knowing

 World AIDS Day: 8 Safe Sex Facts Every Girl Should Be Knowing

December, 1 of every year is observed as world AIDS day. This day has been designated to spread awareness about this pandemic, Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). When we talk about AIDS, safe sex is indispensable. Unfortunately, there are still many people (Especially women) who don’t know about safe sex or contraception.

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If you think that using condoms while having sex is safe sex, then you might be wrong. You might be making yourself prone to HIV-AIDS even if you’re not having intercourse at all.No need to fret. This blog is solely aimed at throwing some light on this topic SAFE SEX and HIV-AIDS. 

8 Safe Sex Facts Every Girl Should Be Knowing

1. You Got Yourself Tested for HIV?

If you think you’ve tested yourself and your man for various STDs, then let me tell you, doctors perform different tests for different STDs. However, there is a comprehensive test for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, HIV, Herpes and Syphilis. But not every medical centre offer this comprehensive test.

2. Virginity has nothing to do with HIV

Even if a person has never had an intercourse can be a victim of HIV-AIDS. If you think that not having sex can safeguard you from HIV, then think about it again. What about HPV (HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus which can spread through oral sex, kissing, vaginal or anal sex, etc.). And unfortunately, there’s no test to detect HPV.

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3. Get Yourself Vaccinated for HPV

Consult your doctor about the same if you’re physically active with your partner. The best way to steer clear of HPV is to get yourself vaccinated.

4. Pulling-Out Doesn’t Guarantee Safe Sex

It’s true that the semen doesn’t enter the vagina when he pulls out before ejaculation. But the pre-cum that enters your vagina unknowingly can make you prone to HIV if he’s infected. Plus, when the sperm is ejaculated just outside the vagina, it can swim through it and cause pregnancy. So, the best way to stay safe is to use a condom.

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5. Two-Condoms Isn’t a Smart Thing to Do

Two condoms on a single penis don’t imply added protection. In fact, it is the worst form of sex. Two lubricated condoms can make it slip and fall off the penis. This will make you prone to HIV and unwanted pregnancy as a bonus.

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6. Pee After Sex

To protect yourself against urinary tract infection is to pee after sex. Intercourse can introduce many bacteria in your vagina. Peeing after sex can flush those bacteria out of your urethra.

7. Anal Sex Can Protect You from Pregnancy but Not from STDs

You can avoid pregnancy by having unsafe anal sex. But you cannot avert STD’s if you have anal sex with your partner without a condom.

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8. Check Your IUD (Intrauterine Device)

There have been cases when the IUD unknowingly slips out of the vagina when a woman goes to pee. This leaves you at a risk of pregnancy. So, keep an eye while peeing.

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