6 Reasons a Condom Might Break

 6 Reasons a Condom Might Break

6 Reasons a Condom Might Break

Male condoms are one of the best forms of birth control out there because they’re cheap, you can buy them anywhere, they prevent pregnancy, and they also prevent the spread of STIs, but they only work if they don’t break! Below are six reasons why a condom might rip, so keep them in mind the next time you’re getting busy.

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6 Reasons a Condom Might Break
6 Reasons a Condom Might Break
  1. The condom is past its prime. Condom wrappers have an expiration date on them, so be sure to take note.
  2. Storage issues. Heat damages latex condoms, so they shouldn’t be kept in a hot place such as a glove compartment or a wallet. Keep them in your medicine cabinet or nightstand instead.

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  1. Lack of lubrication. If there is friction while having sex, especially anal sex, not only will it cause pain and irritation to your privates, but the condom can also break. So be sure to use lubricated condoms or use extra lube if you need to.

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  1. You’re using the wrong lubricant. If you’re using latex condoms, oil-based lubricants can weaken the rubber and cause a tear, so use only water-based lubes.
  2. The condom doesn’t fit. If the condom is too small or too large, it can rip, so experiment with different-sized condoms to get a snug fit — not too tight and not too loose.

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  1. The woman is tight. Some women’s vaginal muscles are naturally tight, so to help prevent condom breakage, lubrication (and a lot of it) is a must.

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