Melania’s Former Confidant Winston Wolkoff Reveals Urgent 2024 Election Warning on Women’s Rights

 Melania’s Former Confidant Winston Wolkoff Reveals Urgent 2024 Election Warning on Women’s Rights


As the 2024 presidential race heats up, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former aide and confidant to ex-First Lady Melania Trump, has issued a potent warning about women’s reproductive rights in the upcoming election. Winston Wolkoff, who was once a key figure in Melania’s inner circle, has taken her message to social media, highlighting the critical influence women voters hold in electing the next U.S. president.

According to a Newsweek report on Wednesday, January 17, 2023, Winston Wolkoff’s connection with Melania Trump extends back to their days before entering the political arena. She was Melania’s first hire following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. However, their relationship soured amidst controversies over Winston Wolkoff’s financial dealings as a contractor for the 2017 inauguration, leading to her eventual dismissal, a claim she contests, denying personal financial gain.

In her 2020 book “Melania and Me,” Winston Wolkoff detailed her friendship with Melania and its eventual disintegration. The book offered insights into Melania’s relationship dynamics with Donald Trump and alleged participation in activities Winston Wolkoff found questionable.

Recently, on X (formerly known as Twitter), Winston Wolkoff made a pointed statement: “CHOICE is STILL a part of YOUR life. CHOICE is still on the 2024 ballot.” She explicitly linked the issue of women’s reproductive rights to the potential repercussions of re-electing Donald Trump.

Central to Winston Wolkoff’s alarm is the issue of abortion rights, significantly influenced by the Trump administration’s appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump’s nomination of three conservative justices was instrumental in swaying the court’s balance, leading to the reversal of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. This reversal granted states more authority over their abortion laws.

Winston Wolkoff underscored the severity of the situation by quoting Trump’s boastful claim of being instrumental in overturning Roe v. Wade. She also cited his remark about wanting to be a dictator for a day, highlighting his perspective on critical issues like abortion.

Drawing a stark comparison between the 81-year-old Democratic candidate and the 77-year-old Republican, presumably Donald Trump, Winston Wolkoff implored voters to ponder the long-term effects of their electoral choice. She suggested that voting for the Republican candidate could lead to a future where voting rights are compromised.

While Winston Wolkoff’s warning focuses on reproductive rights, Trump’s campaign has approached the abortion issue cautiously, amidst criticism from conservative anti-abortion groups for his stance on state-level control.

Newsweek’s attempt to reach both Donald Trump and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff for comments adds further depth to this developing story. As the election draws closer, Winston Wolkoff’s cautionary words serve as a powerful reminder of the far-reaching impact of political decisions, particularly for women and their reproductive freedoms.

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