“You know, it’s early days” Whoopi Goldberg Urges Vigilance After Trump’s Iowa Caucus Win on ‘The View

 “You know, it’s early days” Whoopi Goldberg Urges Vigilance After Trump’s Iowa Caucus Win on ‘The View

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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” maintained an optimistic outlook following Donald Trump’s recent win in the Iowa Caucus. The panelists, including Goldberg, were initially disheartened by Trump’s victory, but Goldberg emphasized the importance of staying hopeful, considering that the official Election Day was still some time away.

The discussion on “The View” began with Trump’s significant victory in Iowa, where he triumphed with a 30-point lead despite challenging weather conditions and his current legal issues. Goldberg commented on the caucus results from January 15, noting that it was still early in the election season and the outcome remained uncertain.

“This seems par for the course,” Goldberg said of Monday’s (Jan. 15) caucus results. “You know, it’s early days and none of us are going to know what happens until it happens.”

Goldberg advised the audience, “Don’t get suckered,” a sentiment echoed by fellow panelist Joy Behar who added, “Don’t get complacent!” Goldberg reiterated her point, emphasizing the election’s significance to the American people, reminding them of their power and responsibility in the voting process, told Decider.

Sara Haines, also on the panel, offered a different perspective on Trump’s Iowa success. She noted that only a small percentage of Iowa’s population participates in the caucuses, suggesting that the significance of Trump’s win might be overestimated in the media.

Behar brought up some of Trump’s recent controversies, including his defamation trial involving E. Jean Carroll, who accused the former President of rape, and his urging of Iowa voters to brave adverse conditions to vote.

Closing her remarks, Behar labeled Trump a “dictator wannabe.” “The View,” where these discussions take place, is broadcast on ABC on weekdays at 11/10c.

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