Marijuana Found Twice In White House Before Cocaine Was Located In West Wing: Secret Service

 Marijuana Found Twice In White House Before Cocaine Was Located In West Wing: Secret Service

Evelyn Hockstein | Reuters

According to a report, small quantities of marijuana were discovered on two occasions last year at the White House, the Secret Service revealed in a confidential Congressional meeting on Thursday. This statement precedes the recent disclosure of cocaine found on the White House premises during the Fourth of July weekend.

The Secret Service spokesperson informed Fox News Digital that “small amounts of marijuana” were located inside the White House in July and September of the previous year. No arrests were made during these incidents since the seized marijuana’s weight did not meet the criteria for federal or D.C. misdemeanor charges, as possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in the District of Columbia. The confiscated marijuana was collected and discarded by the officers.

Although possessing less than two ounces of marijuana is not illegal in Washington D.C., it is still forbidden on federal properties such as the White House.

Representative Lauren Boebert suggested to the news outlet that the West Wing area where the cocaine was discovered should have been under video surveillance. “There should have been measures put in place to guarantee the White House’s security even before this cocaine incident,” the Colorado representative added.

During the briefing, Boebert enquired about the specific security provisions for the lockers where the cocaine was detected. She reported that the Secret Service replied that the key in question was missing.

Republican members of Congress criticized the Secret Service’s decision to cease their investigation into the cocaine discovery, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy alleging preferential treatment for those in President Joe Biden’s circle.

McCarthy expressed further concerns about the potential for undisclosed illegal activity within the White House. He said, “That even concerns me more now because of the discussions we have in that building, the places that are and the situations that are being discussed and actually decided upon in that building.”

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