Shocking Silence: Pence Dodges the ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Label for Trump – What’s He Really Thinking After Milley’s Bold Accusations

 Shocking Silence: Pence Dodges the ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Label for Trump – What’s He Really Thinking After Milley’s Bold Accusations

Olivia Nuzzi/ Twitter

On Friday night, the political landscape buzzed with tension and fervor as the second Republican presidential primary debate unfolded, wherein former Vice President Mike Pence was prodded regarding Gen. Mark Milley’s suggestive remarks.

A Huffpost report from September 30, 2023, highlighted Milley’s speech from earlier that day, where he asserted that the military’s allegiance lies with the Constitution and not with a “wannabe dictator.” CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins subsequently sought Pence’s perspective, questioning whether Milley’s comment was a veiled reference to former President Donald Trump.

Pence sidestepped directly categorizing Trump under the ‘wannabe dictator’ label, instead focusing on rebuking Trump’s recent derisive comments towards Milley as “inexcusable.” Despite Collins noting that Trump had labeled Milley a “moron” via his Truth Social platform and hinted at a belief that Milley merited a treason execution, Pence sustained his stance, neither confirming nor negating who Milley’s commentary aimed at.

The debate stage, lacking Trump’s presence, hosted a gamut of GOP personalities, namely Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

A slew of topics, each sparking divergent views and heated discourse, cascaded through the debate. DeSantis boldly criticized Trump’s absence, seeking to elevate his standing as a contender. Pence underscored his allegiance to Trump during his tenure as vice president and showcased his conservative credentials, while Pompeo spotlighted his expertise in foreign policy.

A range of subjects, from fossil fuels, transgender issues, and abortion restrictions to personal regrets, were tackled. Notably, DeSantis struggled to articulate a defense against questions from Fox News moderator Shannon Bream regarding Florida’s high uninsured residents’ rate.

Christie injected a personal touch, expressing emotional regrets about not dedicating more time to his children in their formative years.

Beneath the various topics and jabs exchanged, an undertone of division permeated through the candidates, particularly when it came to their conservative principles. Pence and Pompeo did not shy away from criticizing Christie’s viewpoints, particularly related to firearms and Supreme Court justices, positioning themselves as more stringently right-wing.

While the debate didn’t unequivocally alter the 2024 GOP race’s landscape, Trump’s absence was palpably felt. His shadow lingered over the proceedings, offering voters a comprehensive glimpse into the disparate personalities and ideologies vying for the Republican Party’s leadership, particularly if Trump opts out of another run.

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