Voters Are Worried About Joe Biden, But Jill Biden is Playing an “Outsized” Part Behind the Scenes

 Voters Are Worried About Joe Biden, But Jill Biden is Playing an “Outsized” Part Behind the Scenes

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Recent reports have highlighted the significant role First Lady Jill Biden plays in President Joe Biden’s administration, a role that some insiders suggest compensates for the President’s perceived mental health concerns raised in various surveys, the outlet reported.

Jill Biden is reportedly deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the White House. Her responsibilities are said to include participating in the appointment of officials, attending meetings, and shielding the President from exhausting events. This level of involvement by the First Lady in managing basic tasks has led to speculations about the President’s capacity to handle his responsibilities.

The Guardian previously reported that Jill Biden is “running the show” behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes, First Lady Jill Biden might be running the show. In an interview with David Muir, President Biden was asked about a second run, and he joked, “I gotta call [Jill] and find out.” He was kidding, but there is some truth behind his wife’s influence. A former senior adviser told Politico, “She is always his final gut check.” As of April 2023, the president officially made his re-election bid. He released a campaign video where his wife can be spotted embracing the vice president, speaking out, and politicking on the campaign trail. A former advisor to the Head of State shared, “She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff is presenting a strategy to her husband. She will ask questions. But she never weighs in on the decision.”

The First Lady has been increasingly visible in public events and is gearing up for the 2024 election campaign. Her influence extends to her husband’s political decisions, where it’s reported that President Biden often values her opinion on official matters.

As a seasoned educator, Jill Biden also brings her expertise to discussions about education policies, such as book bans, and connects with key voter demographics, especially suburban women. There have been leaks suggesting that Jill Biden attempts to control aspects of the President’s day and that she occasionally expresses frustration with staff members.

In terms of public perception, NBC political reporter Steve Kornacki highlighted that President Biden’s “likeability” ratings, once higher than former President Trump’s, are now comparable. The latest poll indicates a narrow lead for Trump over Biden. Moreover, satisfaction with Biden’s performance has reportedly dropped to its lowest during his tenure, with only 40% approval overall and a mere 30% among independent voters.

“If you take a look here by party, I think it’s significant for two reasons: one, Independents more than two to one disapprove. You don’t want to be there as an incumbent president. But I think equally significant, no surprise, 7% of Republicans approve of Joe Biden, job performance, but three times as many Democrats, 21%, that’s more than one in five, say they disapprove. You need much more unified support in your party if you’re going to have a successful reelection campaign,” Kornacki said.

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