US Declares To Support Afghan Partners And Condemns Recent Bombing In Kabul

 US Declares To Support Afghan Partners And Condemns Recent Bombing In Kabul

The United States condemns the recent bombing in the Afghan capital of Kabul and vows to stand by its Afghan partners, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday at a daily briefing.

Earlier in the day, an eyewitness and a source in the Kabul police told Sputnik that a car exploded near a lawmaker’s house, after which several armed people entered the house.

“We’ve seen the reports that have emerged today… We unequivocally condemn the bombing and we will continue to stand by our partners, our Afghan partner, ” Price said told reporters.

As the United States is completing its withdrawal from the country, Afghanistan has witnessed a surge in violence, with the Taliban* claiming control over vast territories.

Last week, two civilians were killed and dozens more injured in a Taliban attack during a National Flag Day celebration in the eastern Afghan province of Khost.

The US is concerned that the violence perpetrated by the Taliban will result in a civil war in Afghanistan, Price said.

“They [the Taliban] have said that they see the utility of a negotiated solution, they are engaged in Doha,” Price said.

“If they seek to contravene what they have said, then there will be an international riot, they won’t have the support of their people, they won’t have the support of the international community, and the concern on the part of all of us… is that the results will be civil war.”

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