Twitter Employees Still Donating 99 Percent of Their Political Donations to Democrats and Committees for Midterm Elections

 Twitter Employees Still Donating 99 Percent of Their Political Donations to Democrats and Committees for Midterm Elections

Twitter Employees Still Donating 99 Percent Political Donations (image credit: getty images)

According to the filing, Twitter employees donate 99 percent of their political donations to Democratic campaigns and committees for the midterm elections.

The peculiar slant on Twitter employee grants suggests a face-to-face confrontation with Elon Musk, who has pledged to keep the company “politically neutral” in order to maintain trust.

According to Federal Election Commission records, the workers recruited by the social media giant dispersed 1,225 grants through ActW, the Democrats’ central fundraising platform, for a total of $ 72,296.

According to the filing, only ten donations from Twitter employees were pushed through Winsted, the Republicans’ fundraising platform, for the end of March.

This indicates that in the six months leading up to the 2022 election, Twitter employees have contributed 99 percent of their earnings to the democratic campaign and committee.

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Musk said Wednesday he hopes to pull the company into the political center. He wrote on Twitter, “For Twitter to be worthy of public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means disturbing the far right and the far left equally,” he wrote on Twitter.

As per Gadget Clock, Dan Ganer of the Media Research Center previously told, “From top to bottom, these organizations are extremely liberal, broadly democratic.” “At the top, they contribute to the Democrat cause. At the bottom, they contribute to the irresistible number of Democrat causes.”

According to the New York Post, Twitter’s board of directors, which approved Elon Musk’s 44 billion dollar offer for the firm on Monday, also gave Democrats thousands of dollars in recent elections.

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Republican politicians, who frequently criticize Twitter for its unfair suppression of right-leaning accounts and statistics, are ecstatic about the purchase of Musk’s company.

“Twitter publicly censors speeches based on political ideology and mocks our constitutional freedom,” Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz tweeted after announcing the deal.

“If Elon Musk could actually turn it around to protect freedom of speech and encourage open speech, Twitter’s full potential would be unlocked,” Cruz said.

Democrats, on the other hand, maintain that the agenda is not anti-conservative.

In a recent essay for The Hill, leftist columnist Paul M. Barrett argued that it is “strange” that Republicans frequently blame Twitter for censorship while enjoying “high levels of engagement” and popularity on the platform.

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Barrett admitted in recent research that conservative accounts on Twitter were blocked at a higher rate than left accounts. The study’s authors conclude that conservatives are “more prone to spreading misinformation” and defend their findings.

During the 2020 election, one of the most important instances of Twitter bias occurred.

The New York Post released a groundbreaking report regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop a few weeks before Election Day. The use of Twitter and Facebook to share stories limits the speed with which they may be shared. The account was also locked by Twitter, which threatened to delete the post’s tweets regarding Hunter Biden.

President Trump was notoriously barred from Twitter after January 6, 2021, yet the social media platform still allows dictators and users accused of murder to tweet freely.

Trump told Gadget Clock this week that he did not want to return to Twitter and instead chose to share his message on his own site, Truth Social.

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